Students Service Center

Purpose of the Student Service Center:

The main goal of the Center is to create conditions for timely and effective service on a one-stop-shop basis, working to improve the culture and quality of services provided to students.

Objectives of the Student Service Center:

Ensuring timely and high-quality provision of services to students;

Providing complete information upon request of students;

Improving the culture and quality of services provided to students;

Support students in academic matters.

Functions of the Student Service Center:

1) acceptance and registration of applications from students for reinstatement, transfer and expulsion;

2) consideration and processing of applications;

3) acceptance of applications for all types of paperwork (certificates from the State Center for Military Commissariat, military registration and enlistment office, from the place of study, payment, applications);

4) checking the completeness of the submitted documents;

5) preparation and publication of orders for student personnel;

6) maintaining and monitoring the safety of students’ personal files throughout the entire period of their studies at the academy;

7) reconciliation of the student population with the departments of the academy;

8) accounting for preferential categories of students (orphans, without parental care, disabled people);

9) maintaining and updating the electronic database of students;

10) issuing certificates of the established form to students, documents on primary education (upon request);

11) maintaining books of registration of the name issuance of diplomas and duplicates;

12) preparation of personal files for subsequent storage and use;

13) transfer of cases to the archives of the academy;

14) preparation and submission of a statistical report in form 3-NK to the city statistical department and other reports for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

15) knowledge of the principles of the Academy’s QMS.

16) control over the registration of permanent and temporary registration of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as foreign students, listeners, and guests (in accordance with the rules for crossing the state border) and providing assistance in obtaining study visas (by deadlines)

17) providing information assistance to students when contacting the Center.

18) work to create an anti-corruption culture among the Center’s employees.

19) fulfillment of other instructions of the academy management.

Omirzakova Ardak Omirzakovna

Position: Head of the Student Service Center

Contacts: 16, Yerubaeva str., room 107, tel. 420425 (ext. 012), cell: +7 701 670 92 99