Legal and Economic Studies Center

The main purpose of SIC PEI is the improvement of practical activities of law enforcement agencies and economic entities, quality of training specialists for them, educational process, qualification improvement of the Academy teaching staff by organizing and carrying out theoretical and empirical researches in the field of fighting crime in the republic and economic activity.

By the Academy or on its own initiative SIC PEI conducts, including jointly with the chairs and departments of the Academy and other interested and institutions, scientific research on the problems of dynamics and forecasting of crime at the interregional and international levels, prepares draft reports on the fight against crime at the parliamentary hearings, sessions of the Security Council of the Republic.

SIC PEI solves the following tasks:

scientific examination of draft laws, including for compliance with the interests of national security, departmental regulations and management decisions and their analysis, including at the request of the MES RK and other agencies;
scientific validation of strategies and tactics to combat crime at the present stage, identifying the prerequisites that directly or indirectly create the conditions for the commission of crimes
conduction of scientific research on the improvement of the norms of the current legislation in order to fill the gaps in legal regulation and to deepen it in the most important areas of social relations;
Conducting scientific research on the most important areas of economic science;
Studying the practical activities of law enforcement agencies to combat crime and disseminating the positive experience of their work;
Scientific substantiation of the main directions, forms and methods of cooperation between law enforcement agencies and other State bodies and social organizations in the fight against crime;
Conducting sociological research in the field of combating crime in the republic as a whole and by individual regions;
Providing methodological assistance to researchers and practitioners engaged in research in the field of combating crime;
approbation of research results by organizing and conducting conferences, round tables (scientific-theoretical, scientific-practical etc.), discussion of actual problems of the fight against crime in the mass media, special editions;
Conducting reference and bibliographic work on the problems of combating crime;
Preparation of scientific and educational literature (monographs, textbooks, reference and training manuals)
-Preparation of dissertations for the degrees of candidates and doctors of science
review of materials of judicial and investigative practice and their analysis;

  • Organization and conduct of scientific internships for undergraduates in law and economics;
  • Creative interaction with research institutes, higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries on issues of criminal law theory and criminology, criminal procedure, criminalistics, forensics and law enforcement.

Arystanbekov Marat Akytovich

Director of the Center for Legal and Economic Studies

D. in Law, Professor

Address: Lenina str. 17, 309, Karaganda, 100012 Kazakhstan, cabinet.

Phone: 42-04-25; E-mail:

Work schedule: Mon-Fri 08:30-17:30