Humane Pedagogy Center

The Center for Humane Pedagogy is an association of humane teachers of the city and region, who are concerned about the fate of the younger generation, the spiritual and moral development of citizens of Kazakhstan. The Center’s activities are dominated by scientific research and the practical implementation of the results of research work on humane pedagogy. Particular importance will be given to research of spiritual and moral heritage of enlighteners-humanists of Kazakhstan in the framework of state program “Rukhani zhangyru” (“Spiritual revival”) jointly with SIC “Rukhaniyat” of Academy.

The purpose of creation of the Center is study, research and propaganda of ideas of world heritage of humane pedagogy, introduction of results of research in practice of modern secondary and higher education.

The objectives and main activities of the regional research laboratory of problems of general and professional education – Center for Humane Pedagogy.

Conducting theoretical and experimental research in the following areas:

  • Research of the world pedagogical heritage of humanistic pedagogy;
  • Research of the pedagogical heritage of Kazakh enlighteners-humanists in the framework of the state program “Rukhani zhangyru” (“Spiritual revival”);
  • study of the problems of spiritual and moral education of the younger generation;
  • research of spiritual culture in the conditions of poly-lingualism and ethnic diversity of Kazakhstan;
  • Research of problems of family upbringing.

Assistance to educational institutions of Karaganda city and Karaganda region in carrying out works on pedagogical experimental developments in the field of humane pedagogy, as well as in their subsequent implementation in the educational process.

Study of the pedagogical theory and practice in the countries of near and far abroad for the purpose of adaptation of leading conceptual ideas and innovative pedagogical experience in educational institutions of Kazakhstan and Karaganda region.

Organization and conduction of seminars, conferences and consultations on disclosure of the potential of humane pedagogy taking into account the national spiritual culture.

Participation of progressive pedagogical community in the planned activities held at the Center.

Preservation and transfer of leading conceptual ideas and innovative pedagogical experience in humanistic pedagogy from generations of working teachers to students in pedagogical specialties.

Dissemination of the best practices of the leading educational organizations and pedagogical innovators in the city and the region.

Strengthening friendly informal relations between teachers of the city and the region through participation in joint activities.

Drawing the attention of the general public to the importance of professional, personal and spiritual-moral qualities of the teacher in the upbringing of the younger generation.

Bokizhanova Galiya Kaskarbekovna

Director of the Center for Humane Pedagogy

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Address: 16 Erubaeva str., Karaganda, 100012 Kazakhstan

Phone: 42-04-25

Work schedule: Monday-Friday 08.30-17.30