When you choose a goal, you choose the future!

On March 5, First Deputy Chairman of Nur Otan regional branch party Kadisha Ospanova met with active youth and volunteers of the city.

Students of Bolashaq Academy also took active part in the meeting.

Activists had an opportunity to ask questions, share their opinions, ideas and suggestions.

The main topic of discussion was preparations for the upcoming primaries. They discussed the possibilities of participation of youth in the selection to the party list, identification of creative, recognizable and authoritative leaders capable of raising youth problems and finding mechanisms for their solutions.

There is a growing demand for changes and changes in the society, that’s why today it’s necessary to take into account the modern trends and reconstruct the work. In this regard, special attention is paid to young people with innovative ideas and new solutions. We have a lot of such creative and talented students in our region.

There are also volunteers among active young people, who despite everything, strive to help those in need and involve even more of the younger generation in their ranks.

Source: jasotan_qaraganda.

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