Tik Tok I love contest Karaganda!

Dear students of the Academy!
From 3 to 8 February
We announce the contest Tik Tok I love Karaganda!✅
Terms of the contest:
Pride and familiarity with the beautiful places of our city of Karaganda!
The video should be the best installation that meets ethical, aesthetic requirements.
The winner of the best video becomes the winner!
The decision of the competition is determined by the members of the special commission.
The winners will be awarded prizes, Diplomas and cinema tickets📨

The video material sent in accordance with the requirements is placed on the TikTok @academy_bolashaq Network✅Send the finished video to the telegram channel 8 707622 43 52
The results of the competition will be determined by the members of the commission.
Issues considered when summing up the results of the competition:
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Number of views🤩
Special attention is paid to likes and comments.

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