The Spartakiade at the House of Students

On February 10 in the House of students Committee on youth affairs held traditional annual field day “I LOVE KARAGANDA”, devoted to 88 anniversary of Karaganda.

The program of sport holiday included 5 sports: kettlebell lifting, arm wrestling, a checkers and darts. More than 30 students measured their strength.

Results of the Spartakiade:

Kettlebell lifting:
1st place – Fahrriddin Kazuarov – 58 points;
2nd place – Meiram Islam – 48 points;
3rd place – Sultanov Sardor – 44 points.

1st place – Zhuragat Aimaral – 14 points;
2nd place – Kurmaniaz Zhanel – 12 points;
3rd place – Albina Kuleshova – 9 points.

Rope pulling:
1st place – team “Alash”;
2nd place – team “Kyran”;
3rd place – the team “OZ-KAZ”.


1st place – Halambahi Batima;
2nd place – Kurmaniyaz Zhanel;
3rd place – Syzdyk Madina.

1st place – Islam Kabykenov;
2nd place – Abdalimov Kobilzhan;
3rd place – Sherzod Fayziev.

In the nomination “Audience Favorite” – Zagrebelny Nikita.

Winners and prizewinners of the Games in the team and individual championships were awarded certificates, medals and gifts. Congratulations to the winners of the Spartakiad! We thank everybody for active participation!


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