Nauryz Bata day

“The people of Kazakhstan are green, the grace of people is growing”, – said our predecessors. Grace is a national tradition of pure good deeds and deeds. The Kazakh people, honored with blessings, good words, will be in his image.
22 Martha the elders bless the young.

Grace is exclusively the day of young people with respected elders, acquaintances, and geniuses.

If among them there is not a single post, with the development of such, blessing can be done by people, let it be done and young people, but you must be accepted and respected.

When you hear a man, a woman is not blessed, if among them is a boy, ten days is blessed. But in our people there are many people who have been blessed by postal, authoritarian, and noble women. Our people have a great sense of grace, they have a remarkable value.
Bolashaq Academy also entered its entry into this event. The collective was supported by young people and increased the price of grace.

The head of state also thanked young people. Among young people, many words of gratitude were also expressed:
“ AK Bata”,“ as Bata”,”Thank you Bata”. At the same time, the Kazakh people are very grateful. At the event, dedicated to the day of shanyrak, the blessed family of shanyrak:

Let your mind wander,
Let your attention wander,
Let your child grow up,
Thank you for your daughter!
Let the closer more,
Let there be no enemy!
Let him come to you,
Let the light shine on your head!
Let the street be a car,
Let your settlement be full,
Avoid freezing,
Be close to peace!
Let the Dauren be luxurious with faith,
Let your life be meaningful with knowledge!

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