If you don’t know what and where to find, go to the library!

October 15, 2019, under a joint agreement between the Academy “Bolashaq” and the regional library named after Gogol and in accordance with the plan of the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines “Rukhani Zhangyru” 2019-2020, second year students, groups of Fm 18-1,2 visited Gogol universal regional library, which held an Open Day.

The purpose of visiting the library: to acquaint students with the history of the regional universal library which celebrates this year 85 years, she is the same age as in Karaganda.

The main goal of this event is also to arouse students’ interest in reading, searching for new information and new knowledge.

The journey around the library began with the library quest “You don’t know what and how to find it – go to the library! Students took part in Instagram-contest “5 reasons to come to the library”.

The library organized: exhibitions, quizzes, contests, photo sessions, reviews and intellectual games.

Service departments offered creative ideas and ideas that aroused great interest among the youth audience:

The reading room organized a photo zone “Autumn mood” – immediately there was a queue of people wishing to capture themselves for library history. There were also a lot of fans of collecting puzzles from book covers “Find a book”.

Students Ilyasov Izzat, Dyusenbekova Kunim and Ivanova Valeria, who took an active part in the quiz “My city – Karaganda” and survey “My Gogolevka”, received encouraging prizes.

At the end of the trip through the library, the students got acquainted with the materials of the book exhibition “Ruhani kelisim alemindegi Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan in the world of spiritual harmony”.

The students, among whom there were those who visited this unique library for the first time, were very satisfied and pleasantly surprised with the possibilities of the library, valuable exhibits of books, magazines in all directions of interest and possibility to participate, organized by the library, conferences, round tables, clubs on interests, and also meetings with famous people, famous personalities, figures of science, culture.

Everyone was very interested, and most importantly, the students got acquainted with the possibilities of the library for obtaining necessary information both for study and for general development.

All the students were given library tickets, and Ilyasov Izzat signed up for the poetry club “Zhyr-zhaukhar”.

S.K. Boldysh, Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines

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