Eternal glory to the heroes: Baizakov Botay

Baizakov Botay was born on February 23, 1922 in the family of a peasant in Engels state farm of present Bukhara-Zhyrau district of Karaganda region.

He studied at Zhambyl school, in Karaganda region and received the 5th grade education. He started his career as a worker of “Nurtaldy” state farm of Shet district.

On June 25, 1942 Shet District Military Committee was called up to the Armed Forces. From this day began the military biography of Botay. Botay Baizakov was first baptized as a scout in south-western districts of Moscow region. He was a machine-gunner, armor bearer (RPTR gunner) of the 860th combat regiment (283rd combat division, 3rd army, Belorussian front).

From the very beginning Botai proved to be a brave and brave fighter, performing the most difficult combat tasks. In 1943 he was awarded the Order of Glory of the III degree for for forcing the river Druta of the Belarusian front, and for heroism in combat operations when taking the height of 220 in the battle for the city of Willenberg (now Wielbark, Poland) – the Order of Glory of the II degree.

For his heroism shown during the war he was awarded the Order of the Red Star, the Order of the Great Patriotic War, 1st class, and many medals.

During the war, Botay Baizakov was twice awarded the Order of Glory III degree. According to the status of these orders, they should be awarded sequentially III, II, and then I degree. This error was corrected 39 years after the war. By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1984 Botay Baizakov was awarded the Order of Glory, I class, for the destruction of enemy tanks in Germany.

He became a full knight of the Order of Glory.

He was dismissed to the reserve for his wounds. After demobilization Baizakov Botay from 1946 to retirement worked at his home farm.

One of the streets in the village of Nurtaldi is named after the Hero.

Botay Baizakov died on August 22, 1995. He was buried in Shona village of Nurtalda aul district.

The material is published based on the book published in “Bolashak Baspa” and on materials of the Internet.

Heroes of Karaganda [Text]: a collection of biographical information / edited by Zh.S. Akylbaev, A. A. Abdakimov, N. O. Dulatbekov, R. K. Omarbekova. – Karaganda: Bolashak-Baspa, 2000. – – 146 p.

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