Bolashaq Academy Rector’s meeting online

On April 8, 2020 the first on-line meeting of the Bolashaq Academy rectorate took place. The meeting was held in the program Skype, which provides text, voice and video communication via the Internet.

The meeting was traditionally started by the rector of the Academy, Professor Menlibayev K.N., who introduced his colleagues to the range of issues discussed at the hardware meetings of the Ministry of Education and Science.

Colossal work is carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science. The situation of secondary and higher education in the Republic is constantly monitored, the measures taken are voiced.
“The issue of changing the content of the Academic Policy of the higher education institution was repeatedly raised at the staff meetings. New working conditions require new approaches and ways of solving educational issues. The new edition of the Academic policy of the university is placed on the site of the university, 26 pages of the text are added, which reflect the following questions: the platforms on which the university works, step-by-step instructions for the work of students and PPS, the submission of various applications of students, including the transcript, attendance records, how the tasks should be performed by students and their verification”, – said Kuralbai Nesipbekovich.
The rector also focused on the functioning of a group of employees in the university, who act as “Digital Volunteers”, providing assistance in organizing distance learning for teachers who have little knowledge of modern information technology.
The Rector of the Academy presented to the members of the rectorate the analysis of CPS activity, services of the university in transition to distance learning with brief conclusions and tasks for the near future.

Then the meeting was held according to the approved agenda: on the progress of preparation for IGA by correspondence students, on the organization of the work of the Admissions Committee, on the work on civil defense and prevention of emergency situations, on cooperation with foreign universities and other issues in the section “Other”.

The meeting of the rectorate was fruitful. Each member of the rectorate had an opportunity to ask a question and get a comprehensive answer. Disputable questions were discussed by the members of the rectorate.

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