Composition of the Council of Young Scientists for the academic year 2019-2020

APPROVED at SC meeting
Protocol No. 1 of 28 August 2019.
PU “Bolashaq Academy” for 2019-2020 academic year
Chairman of CYS:

  1. Kamila Talgatovna Ibrakhimova – teacher of ATC, head of the student scientific group “Model UN”;
    Deputy Chairwoman of CYS:
  2. Otynshieva Gulim Kozhakhmetovna – senior lecturer of the Department of Legal Disciplines;
    Members of the Council of Young Scientists:
    Altaibayeva Gulnur Muratovna – senior lecturer of the chair of legal disciplines;
    Apeeva Aidana Zarubekovna – senior lecturer of the chair “Finance”;
    Borankulova D. – 3rd year student on specialty of pedagogy and psychology;
    Yermekbay Akylbek Мasymkhanuly – master, teacher of the Kazakh language and literature department;
    Ismagulov Sagynysh – teacher of the Department of Education;
    Kalikova Erkezhan Takhirovna – teacher of ATC
  3. Kamkat Aruzhan – 3rd year student of preschool and primary education;
    Venera Alimkulovna Baibekova – Master, Lecturer of Pedagogy and Psychology Department;
    Maksut Nursulu – 2nd year student, specializing in preschool and primary education;
    Rymbek M. – M. Rymbek M. 1st year student of the specialty of pedagogy and psychology;
    Tugambayeva Madina, teacher at the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology;
    Turakova Madina – 3rd year student, specializing in foreign languages and intercultural communication;
    Tusupova Gulnazar – Master’s degree in Pedagogy and Psychology, 1st year;
    Khashtay Kenzhegul Suraganovna – senior lecturer at the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines.
    Khaukenov A. – 4th year student of pharmacy specialty;
    Shchaihidenova A. – student of the 4th year of specialty pharmacy.
    Vice-Rector for HP and MS Smolkina T.P.
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