Department of Kazakh language and Literature

The Department of Kazakh language and literature was established in 2003 on the basis of full – time (4.3 years) and part-time distance (3.2 years) training and started training bachelors under the educational program 030740 – “Kazakh language and literature”.

Form of training, duration of training in the framework of the educational program 6B01701 – “Kazakh language and literature” (Bachelor’s degree) :

  • full-time 4 years/3 years
  • distance learning – 3 years / 2 years

Since 2009, the department has been training a master of Pedagogical Sciences in the direction of 7m01701 – “Kazakh language and literature” on the basis of the program of higher and postgraduate education (Master’s degree) :

  • scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years;
  • profile direction-1 year.

In order to identify a competitive specialist in accordance with modern requirements, the educational program 6B01703 –”Kazakh language and literature in educational institutions in Kazakh and Russian languages” was opened in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Field of professional activity of graduates on the basis of the educational program 6M01701 – “Kazakh language and literature” :

  • educational (pedagogical): in general education secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, technical and professional organizations, organizations of post-secondary education;

– research: researcher in research institutions;

  • literary and creative: work in literary, cultural institutions, publishing houses;
  • organizational and management: management of secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, institutions in their specialty;
  • production management: office management and editorial management in government agencies, production and industrial facilities.

The degree of Bachelor of education in the educational program 6B01703 – “Kazakh language and literature in educational institutions in the Kazakh and Russian languages” is awarded.

Field of professional activity of graduates on the basis of the educational program 6B01703 – “Kazakh language and literature in educational institutions in the Kazakh and Russian languages” :

  • teacher of” Kazakh language and literature ” in educational institutions (schools and colleges) in the Kazakh and Russian languages;
  • research (junior researcher in research institutions);
  • literary and creative (in literary, cultural institutions, publishing houses);
  • in organizational and managerial positions (in general education schools, gymnasiums and lyceums, colleges, as well as institutions in various fields that are directly related to the educational program);
  • production and management (in state bodies, in the office and documentation departments of various enterprises, production facilities) ;
  • literary consultant;
  • translator.

Masters of the educational program 7M01701 – “Kazakh language and literature” will be able to provide high-quality personnel in universities and organizations of secondary education in accordance with the demand and get the opportunity to enter the PhD doctoral program of multi-level educational process.

Department rating indicator:

In 2016, the educational program” Kazakh language and literature “took the 5th place in the rating of the” independent Kazakhstan agency for Quality Assurance in education ” (NCAOKO), the master’s program took the 2nd place. Based on the rating of educational programs of Universities of Kazakhstan – 2019, it took the 10th place.

Contracts with educational institutions for academic mobility:

– Ataturk University in Erzurum, Turkey;

  • Gorno-Altai State University of the Russian Federation;
  • Ili Pedagogical University in Kulzha, China;
  • Bashspu named after M. Akmulla in Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan;
  • Bashsu in Sterlitamak, Sterlitamak branch;
  • State of Mongolia, Mongolian State University.


Teaching staff for the preparation of a bachelor of education in the educational program 6B01701 – “Kazakh language and literature”, 6b01703 – “Kazakh language and literature in educational institutions in the Kazakh and Russian languages” and the educational program 7M01702 – “Kazakh language and literature”: compliance with basic knowledge for the implementation of planned pedagogical activities, availability of scientific and pedagogical experience, academic title, academic degree, certificate of advanced training. The official duties of the teaching staff are specified in the service manual. Full knowledge and qualifications, experience and skills of the teaching staff correspond to the profile disciplines.

Doctor of philology, professor:

  1. Zhartybayev Asylbek Yeshenkulovich;
  2. Zhumagali Zadan Taskalievich;
  3. Khamzin Mauen.

Candidate of philological sciences, professor of the Department:

  1. Kurmangazy Sembiev

Candidate of philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department:

  1. Baimurinov Zhanbolat Maksatovich.

Master of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department:

  1. Abdrakhmanov Rustem Khasenovich;

2.Ismailova Raikhan Nalzhigitovna.

Master of Pedagogical Sciences, senior lecturer:

  1. Akhmetova Nurbala Temirkhanovna
  2. Abylbayeva Bayan Altynbekova
  3. Kasetova Nasirat Kumisbekovna

Head of the Department: candidate of philological sciences, professor Kurmangazy Sembiev. Mobile phone: 8701 375 31 67; 87003622840.address of the Department: Karaganda, Abay Street, 17, office. 309.Tel.: 8 (7212) 420425, (ext. 301), Erubayev STR., 16, Office 200.


6b01701 – “Kazakh language and literature” education

results of self-assessment of compliance of the program with the criteria of specialized accreditation standards

According to the self – assessment report for the 2019-2020 academic year, the educational program 6b01701 – “Kazakh language and literature” of the bolashaq Academy honestly and objectively demonstrated the results of its activities. Profile of the educational program 6B01701-“Kazakh language and literature” was the first among the educational programs of the Academy “Bolashaq” to receive accreditation.

The educational program 6B01701-“Kazakh language and literature” corresponds to the mission and policy of the bolashaq Academy, taking into account the needs of the state and society. The activity of the university is aimed at satisfying the social order in training a qualified specialist who can solve modern non-standard tasks facing the education system within the framework of the implementation of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “on education”, the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “on Science”, ensuring Kazakhstan’s place among the developed countries of the world.

The management of the EP is carried out within the framework of ensuring quality assurance, reflecting the integration of scientific research, teaching and learning in accordance with the purpose, mission and policy of the bolashaq Academy. The university provides an opportunity for effective management of the EP – This is to ensure the quality of the contingent of students, the quality of the staff of the teaching staff, information, material and technical, financial, etc. EP is a state educational order that meets the licensing requirements for training personnel, which contributes to the provision of high-quality educational services in the context of the development of competition in the labor market. Students and teaching staff have free access to the book, electronic fund, Internet resource of the Scientific Library of the Academy “Bolashaq”.

The development of the EP provides for a result aimed at the formation of competencies that allow carrying out professional activities. The assessment of the EP was carried out by analyzing the curriculum, the catalog of elective disciplines, individual plans of students, regulatory documents regulating the implementation of the EP, conducting a survey of students and employers.

The management of the EP provides students with equal opportunities due to the choice of elective subjects and teachers, takes into account personal and professional orientation, the place of the selected elective course in the system of professional training, the degree of influence of the selected course, the competitive advantages of disciplines within the framework of the EP 6B01701- “Kazakh language and literature”, which allows you to form an individual educational trajectory.

The current management system of the University corresponds to the mission of the general declaration, there are current regulations for all departments, job descriptions of executors, organizational procedures for the main processes are defined and documented.

Thus, the educational program 6b01701-“Kazakh language and literature” carries out specialized accreditation self-assessment testifies to the compliance of Management, Development, Assessment with the requirements for the quality of training of scientific and pedagogical personnel aimed at ensuring the social integration of the individual into society and social rehabilitation.


Mission of the department:”training of professionally qualified, socially responsible specialists for the development of the Kazakh language and literature”.

Bolashaq Academy of Kazakh language and literature organized a methodical work based on the results of the year, a plan was drawn up and put into practice.

The following areas were guided in the organization of methodological work:

1.the system of professional development of teaching staff is aimed at improving pedagogical skills, professional level and involves raising the creative potential of teachers.

2.improving the methodological activities of the Department – it is designed to support the professional development of teachers. and disseminate best practices.

4.innovative activities of teachers – aimed at improving the quality of the educational process of the academy and activating the scientific and pedagogical activities of teachers. The methodological work of the Academy is concentrated in methodological associations of teachers and is managed through the methodological Council of the Academy.

The activities of teachers are planned, which provides the necessary balance of educational, educational, methodological, research and educational work. The workload of teachers is reflected in the journals “individual teacher plan” and “registration of pedagogical load”, these journals record a list of activities, deadlines for their implementation and a report on implementation. During the academic year, publications of teachers of the department are planned.

The educational and methodological work of the department was carried out in accordance with the state educational standard. The curriculum for all groups is developed in accordance with the requirements. There are typical programs on mandatory components.

An educational and methodological complex has been developed for all disciplines conducted by the Department.


For the work of the Department” Kazakh language and literature ” there are four computers, 4 printers and scanners. In 307,314 laboratory rooms allocated for the educational program” Kazakh language and literature ” there are 2 computers, 1 interactive whiteboard and 1 projector whiteboard.

Students of the educational program” Kazakh language and literature ” work freely at the computer and are free to attend online classes.

The library uses the basic data “IRBIS-64”, which has readers ‘ arm, AIBs (automated information library system). For students and teachers of the Academy, the Irbis program is considered affordable. IRBIS is a library automation system that meets all international requirements for the library system, supports multi-traditional library management. Maintaining and organizing an electronic catalog: EC “books”, EC “abstracts and dissertations”, EC “electronic resources”, EC “Periodics”, EC “educational and methodological complex”, EC “full text of the database”.

For each subject, there are basic textbooks of recent years, a collection of reports, exercises, workshops, guidance on laboratory work, etc.

The volume of new revenues to the library fund is from 3 to 5 percent of the total available library fund annually. The quality and percentage of updating the fund depends on the availability of literature in the book trade market. The number of educational and educational-methodical literature regularly enters the library fund as a result of the scientific, methodological and publishing activities of the University, which ensures the quality and compliance of the educational process with the needs.

The Academy publishes the journal” Current Problems”,” Science and modernity”,” youth and current problems”, teaching aids necessary for the educational process for students in all areas of training, methodological guidelines on specialties and specialization, independent work, collections of test and control tasks.

Educational program” Kazakh language and literature ” the library fund is provided with various scientific textbooks, fiction, teaching aids.

The library fund is annually replenished with new textbooks. In addition, teachers of the department at the beginning of the academic year, in accordance with the approved plan, publish teaching aids, instructions, complexes, enrich the book fund.

The university has the opportunity to implement educational programs using distance learning technologies. A specialist of the student service center is engaged in its coordination work. Teachers of the department are provided with an educational and methodological complex for students studying remotely. Current, intermediate works are checked by subject teachers and the final assessment of the test passed by students through the Moodle program is based on Platonus. Regular feedback is provided.

Full-time students with the use of DOT have the opportunity to obtain information for the study of subjects using the “Rlatonus” platform. Teachers provide advice to students, provide electronic lectures and laboratory work.


At the Bolashaq Academy, the Karaganda Regional Department of Education and the Department of Kazakh language and literature together hold a competition “Young philologist” (“til-Kazyna-22”).

In the competition, where knowledge and knowledge, training and mobility of our contestants are demonstrated, three places are awarded for the first place, two places for the second place, and three places for the third place.

I place-a discount is given for one year of free study;

II place-50% discount on first-year tuition fees;

III place-a 25% discount on the first-year tuition fee.

Goals of the contest “til-Kazyna”:

Providing support to talented young people engaged in creative work;

Promotion of the artistic and rich fund of the native language;

Expanding the scope of communication of the academy with schools.


The research work of the Department of Kazakh language and literature is based on the approved direction of the topic “Kazakh philology in global civilization: tasks in the study of cultural and spiritual heritage”.

In this regard, the teachers of the department were looking for problems of studying cultural and spiritual heritage in Kazakh philology and published the results of their work in various publications in the form of scientific articles. According to the ranking among universities, the educational program 6B01701 – “Kazakh language and literature” took the 10th place among 45 universities

The staff of the department makes efforts to implement the National idea of the country and improve the image of the Academy.

Free lectures by students within the framework of the specialty, visiting other universities, are also organized at the national level. For example, students from North Kazakhstan University named after M. Kozybayev, Kokshetau university named after A. Myrzakhmetov, Eurasian humanitarian Institute in Nur-Sultan, Taraz University named after M. H. Dulati, Turan-Astana University undergo academic mobility. Students of these universities improve their knowledge at our academy within the framework of academic mobility.

Students who have gained experience in foreign educational institutions within the framework of the” academic mobility ” program have the opportunity to enter the master’s program of educational institutions abroad on the basis of the state budget (grant). Students studying in the educational program” Kazakh language and literature ” have the opportunity to participate in foreign Olympiads outside the Republican Olympiad..

In order to expand students ‘ knowledge of the motherland and native land, a tour of the historical sites of the country will be organized. Under the guidance of teachers of the department, he went on an excursion to the cities of Turkestan, Otrar, Sarayshyk. Students also have a great opportunity to participate in social events. In particular, there are comprehensive conditions for participation in sports events of State importance. The work of students in the creative direction is also supported at a high level. For this purpose, the department has a scientific circle “Zhauhar”. Students take part in the regional and Republican contest of songs and become winners.

Students ‘ creativity is published free of charge in the Student Magazine “Lemonade” in the size of the Academy, and students have the opportunity to publish their works on the website and portals. Mass media works for this purpose.

Scientific articles written by students are supervised by teachers of the department, which are published in the materials of international and Republican scientific conferences.

All conditions have been created for students to attend foreign scientific conferences under the guidance of their supervisor.


Head of the Department of Kazakh language and literature, candidate of philological Sciences, Associate Professor of HAC, professor of the Academy.

Karaganda State University named after academician E. A. Buketov, Faculty of philology, specialty” Kazakh language and literature”. Qualification-Philologist.Teacher (1980-1985), graduate school Karsu, Faculty of philology. Specialty 10.02.06 – “Turkic languages” (1986-1989.)

Phone: 42-04-25 (internal 301,305);



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