Department of Kazakh language and Literature

The Department of Kazakh language and literature was established in 2003 under the name “translation business and Kazakh language”. Since 2006, it has been renamed” Kazakh language and literature”.

The mission of the Department” Kazakh language and literature ” is to train professionally qualified, socially responsible specialists for the development of the Kazakh language and literature.

Doctor of philology, professor:

1. Khamzin Mauen;

2. Zhumagali Zadan Taskalievich.

Candidate of philological sciences, professor of the Department:

1. Sembiev Kurmangazy Zakirovich;

2. Zhumadilova Nurshat Toleugalievna.

Candidate of philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department :

1. Azat Maksutbekovich Babashov;

2. Baimurinov Zhanbolat Maksatovich.

Master of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department:

1. Abdrakhmanov Rustem Khasenovich;

2. Ismailova Raikhan Nalzhigitovna.

Master of Pedagogical Sciences, senior lecturer:

1. Yermagambetov Yerzat Moldabekovich;

2. Yermekbay Akylbek Masymkanovich.

The head of the department is candidate of philological sciences, professor Sembiyev Kurmangazy Zakirovich. Mobile phone: 8701 375 31 67; 87003622840. address: Karaganda, Lenin Street, 17, office. 309.Tel.: 8 (7212) 420425, (ext. 301) email:

Form of study within the framework of the educational program 6B01701 – “Kazakh language and literature” (Bachelor’s degree), duration of training:

– full-time 4 years/3 years

– distance learning-3 years / 2 years

Since 2009, the department has been training a master of Pedagogical Sciences in the direction 7B01700 – “Kazakh language and literature ” on the basis of the program of higher and postgraduate education (Master’s degree) :

– scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years;

– profile direction-1 year.

In order to attract competitive specialists in accordance with the requirements of the time, the educational program 6B01703 –”Kazakh language and literature in educational institutions with Kazakh and Russian languages” was opened in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Sphere of professional activity of graduates on the basis of the educational program 6m01701 – ” Kazakh language and literature”

– Education (pedagogical): in general education schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, technical and professional organizations, organizations of post-secondary education;

– Research: research associate in research institutions;

– Literary and creative: work in literary, cultural institutions, publishing houses;

– Organizational and managerial: management of secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, institutions in their specialty;

– Production management: office management and editorial work in state bodies, industrial and industrial facilities.

Bachelor of education degree in the educational program 6B01703 – “Kazakh language and literature in institutions of Education with Kazakh and Russian languages”.

Sphere of professional activity of graduates on the basis of the educational program 6B01703 – “Kazakh language and literature in institutions of Education with Kazakh and Russian languages”

– Teacher of” Kazakh language and literature ” in institutions (schools and colleges) with Kazakh and Russian languages of Education;

– research (junior researcher in research institutions);

– literary and creative (in literary, cultural institutions, publishing houses);

– in organizational and managerial institutions (general education schools, gymnasiums and lyceums, colleges, as well as in institutions of various branches that are directly related to the educational program);

– production and management clerk (in state bodies, departments of office management and documentation of various enterprises and production facilities) ;

– literary consultant;

– translator.

Masters of the educational program 7m01701 – “Kazakh language and literature” will be able to provide high-quality personnel in higher education institutions and organizations of Secondary Education in accordance with demand and have the opportunity to enter the PhD program of the multi-level educational process.

Rating indicator of the Department:

In 2016, the educational program 5B011700 – “Kazakh language and literature” took the 5th place in the rating of the independent Kazakhstan agency for quality assurance in education (NCAOKO), and the master’s degree took the 2nd place. Universities of Kazakhstan took the 10th place on the basis of the rating of educational programs – 2019.

Agreement on academic mobility with educational institutions:

– Ataturk University in Erzurum, Turkey;

-Gorno-Altai State University of the Russian Federation;

– Ili Pedagogical University in Kulzha, China;

– Bashspu named after M. Akmulla in Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan;

– Bashmu in Sterlitamak, branch of Sterlitamak;

– State University of Mongolia, Mongolia.

Achievements of students:

– Distinguished members of the intellectual intellectual center” Bota”;

– Winners of international competitions” gumyrdaria”.

– Winners of the international festival ” culture of Turkic-speaking peoples “(winners of I, II, III places) (UFA);

– Winner of the first place in the Republican contest of prose “oner salasyn maitalmany” (Kazakhstan);

– “Philology. II place of the Republican Olympiad “language and literature of Turkic-speaking peoples” (Tau-Altai Republic);

– Members of the tumar poetry collection;

– Winner of the contest” Best Student-2018″, organized by the public Foundation” mosty SOGLASIA”.

At the level of the Republic, students can attend free lectures in other universities within the framework of their specialty. For example, students from North Kazakhstan State University named after M. Kozybayev, Kokshetau University named after A. Myrzakhmetov, Eurasian humanitarian Institute in Nur-Sultan, Taraz State University named after M. H. Dulati, Turan – Astana University undergo academic mobility.Students of these universities improve their knowledge in our academy within the framework of academic mobility.

Students who have gained experience in foreign educational institutions within the framework of the” academic mobility ” program have the opportunity to enter the master’s program of educational institutions abroad on the basis of the state budget (grant). For example, in 2016, several students from the Bolashaq Academy, who received an academic degree” Bachelor of education in the educational program “Kazakh language and literature”, graduated from the master’s program of Bashkortostan State University named after Akmulla on the basis of the state budget (grant).

Students studying in the educational program” Kazakh language and literature ” have the opportunity to participate not only in the Republican Olympiad, but also in foreign Olympiads. For example, in 2015, at the International Olympiad (on Turkic languages) at the Ili Pedagogical University in Kulzha, China, in the mountainous Altai Republic, students were awarded diplomas of the first degree.

At the International Festival “language and culture of Turkic-speaking peoples” in Ufa, students of Zhas Orken LLP won prizes in the categories “Nurly Oy” and “Shabyt” in the nominations “playing an instrument”, “singing”, “reading expressive poems”, as well as in the essay contest at the V Republican Patriotic Forum of Student Youth “Men zhastarga senemin”, dedicated to the day of the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan, held in Almaty.

In order to expand students ‘ knowledge of the motherland and their native land, excursions to historical sites of the country are organized. Under the guidance of teachers of the department, he went on an excursion to the cities of Turkestan, Otyrar, Sarayshyk. Students have a great opportunity to participate in social events. In particular, there are all-round conditions for participation in sports events of state significance. Students ‘ creative work is also supported at a high level. For this purpose, the department has clubs “Zhas correspondent” and “Zhas kalamger”. Students take part in regional and Republican poetry competitions and become winners.

Students ‘ creativity is published free of charge in the Academy’s student magazine “Lemonade”, as well as the opportunity to publish students ‘ works on websites and portals. Mass media work for this purpose.

Working with the funding of the Academy in order to support youth creativity, the portal publishes a Baiga twice a year with the series “KASYM KZ”. “I don’t know,” he said, ” but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do it.”

Scientific articles written by students are supervised by teachers of the department, which are published in the materials of international and national scientific conferences.

There are also conditions for students to attend and report at foreign scientific conferences under the guidance of their supervisor. A student who has completed the educational program” Kazakh language and literature ” in 4 years becomes the author of several scientific articles, receives special certificates and letters of thanks.

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Head of the Department of Kazakh language and literature, candidate of philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Higher Attestation Commission, Professor of the Academy.

Karaganda State University named after academician E. A. Buketov, Faculty of philology, specialty” Kazakh language and literature”. Qualification-Philologist.Teacher (1980-1985), Postgraduate Studies at Karsu, Faculty of philology. Specialty 10.02.06 – “Turkic languages” (1986-1989.)

Phone: 42-04-25 (ext. 301,305);



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4.thank you letter. Regional Scientific and practical Center “Saryarka daryny” of the Department of education of Karaganda region

5.awarded the medal “15 years of Kazakh-Russian university”, No. 143 02 August 2013.

6.thank you letter. First deputy chairman of the Karaganda regional branch of the Nur Otan Party K. Ospanova. Two thousand seventeen

7.certificate of Honor. Akim of Karaganda. “No,” I Said. Two thousand seventeen

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9.certificate of Honor. Minister of education and science E. Sagadiyev, 2018.

Portfolio of professor Sembiyev K.Z.



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