Comprehensive Development Plan of Bolashak Academy for 2011-2020


at the Academic Council meeting

26 January 2011 Protocol No. 7.

Amendments and additions made at the meeting of the Scientific Council

24 June 2015 Minutes No. 11

K.N. Menlibayev

Bolashak Academy Comprehensive Development Plan

for 2011-2020

Head K.N. Menlibayev

Authors: Editorial board:

N.O. Dulatbekov K.N. Menlibayev

K.N. Menlibayev G.M. Rysmagambetova

G.M. Rysmagambetova U.T. Kireyeva

N.A. Bekbergenov T.P. Smolkina

Sh.S. Karipbekov B.T.Akhmetova

U.T. Kireyeva M.B.Aubakirova

G.B. Mamrayeva S.B.Bekzhanova

B.H. Raimbekov L.R.Varavina

T.P. Smolkina G.O.Kapasov

A.I. Tazabekov G.B.Mamrayeva

M.D. Tolubayev

A.A. Shlyupikov



Section I. Ensuring the quality of training in accordance with international standards

Section II. Human resources policy and professional development. Teacher status

Section III. Development of research work

Section IV. Upbringing of competitive and harmoniously developed personality of the student

Section V. Improving information technology

Section VI. Expansion of university connections in educational space

Section VII. Career guidance and image work. Employment

Section VIII. Development of material and technical base

Download the Comprehensive Development Plan of Bolashak Academy for 2011-2020.

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