Career guidance work

On February 27, 2024, the teacher of the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature of the CHU Academy “Bolashaq” Akhmetova N.T. visited the KSU “Akhmet Baitursynov Gymnasium No. 41” in Karaganda city for career guidance in a planned manner.

This year, 2 classes are graduating from this educational institution, 23 students in each class, and the total number of graduates is 46.

During the career guidance work, a round table was held on the topic “The subtleties of the teaching profession”. The students were told that the applicant’s task is not to make a mistake in choosing a profession and in choosing an educational institution that provides quality education within the chosen profession, at first glance, this is a simple but important problem that makes every applicant think seriously in modern society, where the competition of science and technology has increased.

Akhmetova N.T.: “A teacher is a specialist whose main responsibility is to work with children. In turn, teachers are divided into educators, teachers, counselors, teachers, social educators, psychologists, etc. Specialists face three main tasks: educational, training and educational. When choosing a teaching profession, you should know that you will always be in demand in the labor market, because a teacher is an “eternal category”. To be successful in your work, you must love your job, perceive people positively, engage in self-education, and then you will open up the full range of possibilities of the profession of “teacher …”.

During the event, students expressed their thoughts that last month, teachers of the E.A. Buketov KarU were invited for them, graduates of schools, and it would be good for the Bolashaq Academy, for example, teachers of the Kazakh language, Kazakh literature, and the history of Kazakhstan also had the opportunity to lecture them…

The graduates were provided with expanded information about the educational programs of the Bolashaq Academy, booklets and magazines “Lemonade” were shown, which introduce information about the life of the Academy.

The students asked the questions they were interested in and received consistent answers to them.

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