Отклики и слова благодарности поступают со всего мира, от тех, кому небезразлична жизнь и судьба узниках КарЛага-политических заключенных и военнопленных, которые, несмотря на свой суровый статус, не сгибали волю и продолжали жить, любить и работать, не потеряли веру и оставили память о прошлом в назидание потомкам.

Очередной отзыв был получен от господина Gordon E. Hogg, Унивеситет Кентукки (США).16 April 2012

Professor Nurlan O. Dulatbekov

Rector, Karaganda University “Bolashak”

16 Yerubayev Street

100008 Karaganda


Dear Professor Dulatbekov:

My colleagues and associates here at the University of Kentucky wish to express our immense gratitude to you for the magnificent books presented to our library by Ms. Nazgul Mingisheva.

These works (all beautifully published by Karaganda University “Bolashak”):  the stunning Karlag: Creativity in Captivity (2009), the comprehensive three-volume Karlag: Endless Pain of Hard Times (2010), and the unique Japanese Prisoners of War in Karaganda Oblast (2011), represent very recent and important scholarship on the history of your region of Kazakhstan, which is of great interest not only to our students and faculty in the Russian and Eastern Studies department, but to scholars of history at our university and at other research institutions nearby.  Over the last 30 years, the University of Kentucky has kept a focus on Kazakhstan, and it has been my welcome responsibility to maintain appropriate research and reference works in the library relating to Kazakhstan and Central Asia.  The arrival of a gift like this adds so very much to the depth of our collections, and actually is of great interest to me in my own research, since in my “shadow” career as a military historian, I will now be able to investigate the relatively little-known circumstances of Japanese POWs in Kazakhstan.

Once again, on behalf of the University of Kentucky, please let me thank you for your rare and insightful generosity in making these books available to our community of scholars.  We have very much enjoyed working with and coming to know Nazgul Mingisheva, whose recognized value here among us has been certainly enhanced by her acting also as the bearer of your gift.  Rakhmet!

My best regards,

Gordon E. Hogg

Director, Special Collections Library

Academic Liaison, Russian and Eastern Studies

University of Kentucky

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