Quality and Accreditation Management Center

Center activity:

  • organization of internal audits and monitoring of QMS processes ;
  • control of the fulfillment of national and international rating requirements;
  • organization of the work in realization of the Quality Policy and Aims of the Academy;
  • control fulfillment of QMS requirements of the Academy;
  • monitoring of the functioning of the quality management system and the consumers’ satisfaction of the educational services;
  • planning and organizing the advanced training of the Academy teaching staff in the field of quality and accreditation;
  • carrying out the organizational work for the fulfillment of the national and international rating requirements;
  • Realization of work on preparation of Academy educational programs for accreditation.

Aubakirova Madina Bolatovna

Position: Head of the Center of Distance Technologies

Contacts: 16 Erubaeva str., room 210, tel. 420425 (ext. 044)