In accordance with the current legislation and the Charter of the Academy, the lawyer

1.Develops or takes part in development of legal documents.

2. Provides legal assistance to structural subdivisions in preparation and execution of legal documents.

  1. Participates in working out and realization of actions for strengthening of labor discipline and safety of property of the organization.
  2. Carries out studying, analysis and generalization of results of consideration of claims, legal cases, practice of conclusion and execution of contracts.
  3. Develops contracts of the university and signs all incoming contracts, conducts legal review.
  4. Supervises the timeliness of submitting by structural subdivisions of references and other materials for preparing responses to letters on legal issues.
  5. Serves as a representative at state agencies.
  6. Participates in preparation of conclusions on legal issues, draft normative acts, received for review. 9.
  7. Informs employees of the organization about current legislation and changes in it, familiarizes the officials of the organization with normative legal acts related to their activities.
  8. Advising employees of the organization on legal-organizational and other legal issues, preparing conclusions, assisting in preparation of documents and acts of property-legal nature.
  9. Participates in the Commission for settlement of legal disputes.
  10. Being a member of the Competition Commission of the University.
  11. Participates in the development of university regulations and job descriptions of employees.
  12. Conducts the investigation and execution of documents on accidents at work.
  13. Makes timely changes in the Charter, constituent and other documents of the university.

Kussainova Aliya Askarovna

Position: Lawyer

Education: university degree – Femida Law Academy, “Legal Sciences” academic programme;

Professional activity at Academy:

Works as a lawyer at the Academy since 2016.

Contacts: 8-7212-42-04-25 (int. 504), e-mail:,