Ethics and Compliance Control Council

In 2019, Bolashaq Academy created an Ethics and Compliance Council based on the abolished Disciplinary Council. Compliance in English means compliance, compliance, acquiescence, or compliance – compliance with any internal or external requirements or norms

In accordance with the main tasks, the Council performs the following functions:

  • consideration of the results of work on the prevention of violations of legislation in the field of education;
  • consideration of the results of the activities in the monitoring and control of compliance with the service ethics;
  • consideration of the results of the activity of the disciplinary commissions based on the results of the analysis of the disciplinary practice
  • To develop recommendations and proposals for improving the forms and methods of prevention of offenses;
  • promotion of the ethical component of scientific publications, protection of the rights of authors and publishers, for consideration of the situations related to violations of the ethics of scientific publications, and preparation of appropriate recommendations.
  • monitoring compliance with the requirements of the Code of Honor.
  • contributes to the functioning of the system to counteract corruption in the university.
  • participation in the development and preliminary approval of action plans in accordance with the applicable legislation in the field of combating corruption.
  • Evaluating the activities of the unit that performs the functions of internal control and audit at the university.
  • participation in the discussion of ethical problems of modern pedagogy.
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Zhukobaev Akhat Abdrakhmanovich

Chairman of the Board of Ethics and Compliance Control

Associate Professor of the Department of Legal Disciplines

Contact info

Address: 17, Lenina str., room 303, Karaganda, 100012 Kazakhstan.

Phone: 42-04-25 (ext. 085);


Working schedule: Monday-Friday 08:30-17:30, lunch 13:00-14:00.