DLT Center

Functions of the DLT Center:

  1. Development of goals, objectives, content and main activities of the DLT Center for the implementation of distance learning technologies in the educational process of the university.
  2. Formation of necessary reporting documentation.

Carrying out organizational, methodological, advisory work in the field of distance learning.

  1. ensuring the process of forming and updating educational information resources for distance learning.
  2. Monitoring the payment of tuition fees for s.f.o. students, issuing logins and passwords.
  3. Uploading information about series, number and registration number of graduates’ diplomas to the IS Plato.
  4. Preparation of draft orders for the admission of students of higher education to the sessions, IGA.
  5. Preparation of representations for reinstatement, transfer, expulsion of students studying by correspondence, distance form of education
  6. Fulfillment of current orders of Vice-Rector for Educational and Methodological Work.

Aubakirova Madina Bolatovna

Position: Head of the center of distance technologies

Contacts: 16 Erubaeva St., room 210, tel. 420425 (ext. 044)