Council of Young Scientists

The objectives of the Council of Young Scientists are to raise the level of qualification and promote professional growth of young scientists, ensure continuity in the sphere of national science and higher education, integrate young scientists into priority fundamental and applied scientific research, as well as protect the rights and interests of young scientists in their professional activities and assist in solving their social and domestic problems.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, the SMU carries out the following activities:

  • organizes and conducts scientific conferences, seminars, traveling schools, exhibitions, forums, congresses and other events in which young scientists could participate;
  • promotes the development of direct contacts between young scientists to organize interdisciplinary complex scientific research by young scientists aimed at solving urgent and practically important problems of modern science;
  • promotes the professional growth of scientific youth of PE “Academy “Bolashaq”, the development of youth research initiatives and the consolidation of young scientific personnel in PE “Academy “Bolashaq”, the dissemination (implementation) of research results of young scientists and specialists;
  • supports and stimulates innovation activities of young scientists, organizes and implements activities related to investment programs and proposals for projects of young scientists;
  • searches for new forms of work of young scientists, initiates their introduction into practice, generalizes and distributes the positive experience of scientific work of various departments of PE “Academy “Bolashaq” of other Kazakh and foreign organizations;
  • Organizes information provision of scientific youth, presentation of information on vacancies, funds, grants, conferences, schools and other activities to support scientific youth
  • carries out joint activities with other public organizations of PE “Academy “Bolashaq” by involving young scientists of PE “Academy “Bolashaq” to organize scientific work of students;
  • provides advisory assistance for the participation of young scientists in research competitions and grant applications;
  • involves young scientists in the implementation of research at the PE “Academy “Bolashaq” and participation in scientific conferences and seminars;

assists in engaging young scientists in active work on domestic and foreign grants, when entering graduate school, preparing and passing examinations, conducting research and defending master’s theses;
nominating works of young scientists for awards of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and other ministries, recommending talented young specialists for master’s or doctoral studies;

  • carries out activities aimed at improving the living and working conditions and organization of leisure of young scientists;
  • Performs other activities consistent with the objectives and not contrary to the current.

Ibrahimova Kamila Talgatovna

Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists,

Employee of the Center for Continuing Education

Education: Academy “Bolashaq”, specialty: “Foreign language: two foreign languages

Working contacts: Erubaeva 16, room 318; 87021658028, 87088344821;