Committee for Youth

The objectives of the CY bodies are:

  • formation of civic culture, active civic position of students, promoting the development of their social maturity, independence, the ability to self-organization and self-development;
  • formation of students’ abilities and skills of self-government, preparing them for a competent and responsible participation in the life of society;

The main work of the CY:

  • work with the youth of the Academy;
  • prevention of delinquencies among students;
  • development of leadership qualities and creative potential of students;
  • upbringing of patriotism and moral standards;
  • development of the students’ self-management;
  • conducting various events for students of the Academy.

Meirbek Kairbekovich Baishagirov

Chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs

Address: 16 Erubaeva str., office 212, Karaganda, 100012, Kazakhstan

Tel. 8-7212-42-04-25 (ext. 029)

Working schedule: Monday-Friday 08:30-17:30