Board of Curators

The main purpose of the Council of curators activity is improving and increasing of quality and effectiveness of methodical work with students of Academy by means of providing of organization and coordination of effective activity of department curators, interaction between curators and EP students, monitoring of quality of curatorial work.

The Council of curators carries out consultations, methodical and organizational help to beginner curators; organizes experience exchange between curators of student groups; studies and generalizes the experience of best curators of student groups, Boards of department curators as well as the experience in educational work with students in other higher educational institutions of the country; initiates decisions, projects connected with improvement of curators’ work quality Develops recommendations for implementing effective methods of work of curators with students; coordinates, directs and supervises the work of department curators, hears reports of student groups’ curators; creates and maintains a database of methodological support work of curators, including semi-annual and annual reports of department curators and regulatory documents, etc.

Apeyeva Aidan Zarubekovna

Specialist of the Youth Affairs Committee

Education: higher education

Contacts: Erubaeva,16,room 312, tel. 420425, ext. 029