Actual Problems of the Present International Scientific Journal

International Scientific Journal “Actual problems of our time” has registration about registration in the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Certificate № 15583-Ж from 25.09.2015), subscription index 75319 on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also, the magazine has permission to distribute products of foreign periodicals in the Russian Federation (permission RP №78 of 06.07.2006), subscription index 88044 in the Russian Federation (Catalogue “Press of Russia” №000053). Academy “Bolashaq” and LLC “Scientific electronic library” of the Russian Federation concluded an agreement №75-02/2016 from 18.02.2016 on the inclusion of the journal in the scientometric database RSCI.

International Scientific Journal “Actual problems of modernity” publishes in the open press the results of scientific research of scientists of Kazakhstan and other countries in the fields of modern sciences, according to the subject headings below.

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