Account Department

Accounting Department performs accounting and control over the rational use of material and financial resources of the Academy.

Main tasks:

1 Control over the execution of the budget of the Academy.

2 Ensuring the formation of complete and reliable information about economic processes and financial results of the Academy activity, which is necessary for operational management and administration.

3 Drawing up financial and tax reports.

4 Provision of timely representation of the accounting data in tax and statistical bodies, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

5 Preparation of operative reports on receipt and an expenditure of Academy financial resources.

6 Provision together with other divisions of Academy of correct and effective use of labor and money resources of Academy.

7 Assistance in organization and accounting of receipt and spending of means got from rendering of educational and other services according to the Charter of higher school.

Abisheva Tatiana Yurievna

Position: Chief Accountant
Education: higher
Achievements: Certificate of Professional Accountant of the RK, Member of the Chamber of Accountants of the Republic of Kazakhstan, accountant-practitioner of ATS.

Contacts: Abaya 17, office 207, tel. 56-10-31, e-mail: