“The wealth of the state is the health of the people”

24 ноября 2021 года кафедрой фармацевтических дисциплин Академии «Bolashaq» в рамках программы духовного возрождения был проведен круглый стол «Богатство государства – здоровье народа» Организаторы круглого стола Темиреева К. С. и Тукубаева Г. Н. В November 24, 2021 the department of pharmaceutical disciplines, Academy of “Bolashaq”, under the spiritual revival program was a round table “The wealth of the state is the health of the people.” The organizers of the round table were Temireeva K.S. and Tukubaeva G.N. The event was attended by: Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines – Sultanov AK, Head of the Department of Finance Daribekova A.S., Head of the study part Tuganabaeva S.T. and Kadirova G.A. Distinguished Professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Phthisiology of Karaganda Medical University, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Academician of Natural Sciences of Russian Academy, Begaidarova Roza Khasanovna, made a report “Covid-19 problems”. The report touched on the topics of clinic, treatment and vaccination. Also with reports made by the head of the epidemiological department of the Office for Sanitary and Epidemiological Control Kazybek bi district of the city of Karaganda – Berkimbayeva Zhanar Zharkenovna, about the sanitary and epidemiological state of the district Kazybek bi city of Karaganda.

At the round table were students of Bolashaq Academy: Altynbek A., Torebaeva A., Kozhakhmetov M. and a student of KMU Abdrasil I. During the event speakers were asked a number of questions by teachers and students.

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