The Best of the Best – 2021

On December 30, 2021 at the Academy “Bolashaq” the ceremony of awarding the best employees in the traditional intramural competition for the year 2021 was held.

The competition committee for determining the winners in the nominations by the results of the year was defined as: Rector – Menlibayev K.N. (Chairman), Members of the Commission: Vice Rector for Strategic Development – Rysmagambetova G.M., Vice Rector- Bekzhanova S.B., Vice Rector – Kadyrova G.A., Vice Rector – Ismailova R.N., Head – Kusainova A.A., Chairman of Trade Union Committee Dogaleva P.T.

При определении победителей учитывалась поддержка номинантом корпоративной культуры, а также лица, проработавшие мене

In determining the winners took into account the support of the nominee corporate culture, as well as persons who have worked for less than 1 year.

  • In the nomination “Lecturer-methodologist of the year” the winner was Associate Professor of the Department of Legal Disciplines – Zhukobaev A.A;
  • In the nomination “The best educational content” the winner was Maryshkina T.V., senior lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages and Mathematics.

The winner in the nomination “The best curator-adviser” – V.A. Baybekova, Senior Lecturer of Department “PMNO”.

In the nomination “High efficiency of cooperation with employers” the winner – the senior lecturer of the department “DOV – Talikova G.T.

  • The winner in the nomination “High scientific activity” – associate professor of the department Shevyakova A.L.
  • The winners of this nomination “Creative scientific work with students” – a senior lecturer of the chair of Pharmaceutical disciplines – Temireeva K.S., a professor of the chair of General educational disciplines – Sattarova F.F.

In the nomination B nomination “Productive interaction with graduates” the winner is a senior lecturer of the Department of Legal Disciplines – Kopzhasarova S.I.

  • B nomination “High efficiency of work” winners – the head of the registration department – Bekbasheva B.B., laboratory assistant of the Kazakh language and literature – Baymamirova A.M.
  • In the nomination “Handyman” the winners – the specialist of the Personnel Department – Mankaeva M.M., the janitor of the second building – Drapova O.
  • In the nomination “High productivity in professional activity” the winner – Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs – Bekzhanova S.B.

Administration of Bolashaq Academy expressed gratitude staff for work, creative approach, responsibility and deserved award.

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