On extension of work acceptance for participation in the II International Youth Essay Contest Karlag: Memory of future

Due to the situation with the coronavirus, the deadline for accepting works for participation in the II International Youth Essay Contest “Karlag: Memory in the FUTURE” has been extended until May 25, 2020.
II International Youth Essay Competition
Purpose and objectives of the competition
-Objective study and holistic preservation of the history of Karlag as one of the largest penal and labour camps in the system of the Gulag of the USSR NKVD;
-providing assistance in building a developed civil society and a democratic state based on the rule of law that excludes a return to totalitarianism;
-participation in the formation of public consciousness based on the values of democracy and law, overcoming totalitarian stereotypes and asserting the rights of the individual in political practice and public life;
-systematization of sources of information (archive documents, library materials, museum collections, family archives and memories);
-Creation and development of active citizenship, social responsibility and creative initiative among young people and involvement of schoolchildren and students in local history.
Contest participants
Schoolchildren, students, postgraduates, master’s students, young teachers and scientists, young entrepreneurs, working youth, representatives of youth movements, public organizations and associations, school and student government, youth advisory bodies and any citizen of the world interested in the history of Karlag at the age of 16 to 30 years can become participants of the competition.
Subjects of the competition works
The competition accepts thematic research and creative works: essays, stories, essays-interviews, works-research on family history, based on documents of personal archives, testimonies, poems, etc.
Tender commission
The Commission is formed as a group of public figures, representatives of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, leading scientists and practitioners and approved by the order of the Rector of the Academy “Bolashaq” before the beginning of its work.
The moderator and author of the idea of the competition – Corresponding Member of NAS RK, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Head of Historical-Enlightenment, Research and Charity Project “Karlag: Memory for the Future” – Dulatbekov Nurlan Orynbasarovich.
Summing up the competition
The tender committee examines the submitted works and selects the best of them according to the following criteria:

  • self-sufficiency;
  • presentation style;
  • originality;
  • literacy;
  • analytical skills;
  • degree of argumentativeness (persuasion);
  • erudition of the author.
    Participation in the contest is free. The best works are awarded with special diplomas of three degrees. For three winners of the competition (1,2,3 place) a trip to the Museum of memory of the victims of political repressions in Dolinka village of Karaganda region, Republic of Kazakhstan is organized.
    The organizers of the competition assume the business trip, transport expenses (type of transport by agreement), three-day accommodation in the guest rooms of the House of students of the Academy “Bolashaq” (Karaganda). Local history excursions are organized for the winners. Dates of visiting Karaganda city are determined by agreement. Travel and transportation expenses do not apply to the accompanying person in case if the winner is a minor. Accommodation for the accompanying person is provided free of charge.

The work of the participants must be done individually. Participation in the co-authorship is not stipulated by the regulations. If the submitted works are written in co-authorship, the prize (trip to Karaganda and museum of Dolinka village) is intended only for one of the co-authors.
The works of the contest participants, which are not among the winners, are considered by the commission and the best of them are awarded with nominations. The works of the winners and participants of the competition, who received nominations, are published in a special collection of essays, replicated for mailing to libraries and placed on the Academy’s website. The participants of the competition can get the collection of the competition in *.pdf format.
The results of the competition will be announced in the Academy “Bolashaq” on May 31, 2020 on the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression and Hunger. The results of the Contest are communicated to the public and the media.
Requirements for the essay design
The work is carried out in electronic format A4 by printing font “Times new Roman” in Kazakh, Russian, English and German 14 pins with line spacing of 1.0. The volume of work is not more than 4 pages. Sheet margins: top, bottom, left, right by 2.0 cm. At the top of the sheet, in the middle, the title of the essay is indicated, the next line below is the name of the participant and his supervisor (if there is a supervisor). The next line indicates the name of the educational institution where the contestant studies, the line below indicates the name of the city and country.
The essay is sent to the email addresses indicated in the email. The file should be named after the competitor and the word contest (e.g. Ivanov_konkurs.docx or Akhmetov_competition.docx). A separate file shall be submitted for participation in the Contest (Annex 1).
Terms and procedure for submission of contest works
Contest papers and applications may be submitted by participants to a specified e-mail address:
until 25 May 2020 marked “Karlag: Memory for the Future”.
Contest Coordinators:
Aliya Ukuzhanovna Aupenova – Director of “Rukhaniyat”. Academy “Bolashaq”, MD +77052680572 (WhatsApp).
Tatyana Petrovna Smolkina – Vice-Rector for Research at the Academy “Bolashaq”, Ph.D., Professor +77017547526 (WhatsApp)
“Karlag: Memory for the Future” project of the Bolashaq Academy was launched in 2006 and is still ongoing. Historical, educational, research and charitable project “Karlag: Memory for the Future” is carried out by the Academy teaching staff together with student youth and international experts for the objective study of the history of the native land and the fate of the repressed.
Within the framework of the project, work is being carried out in the following directions:

  • Research activities on the study of correctional labour and special camps in Karaganda province;
  • The publication of collections of articles and reports from international and national conferences;
  • The publication of demonstration and photo albums;
  • research on the history of camps on the territory of Kazakhstan;
  • replenishment of the lists of repressed and prisoners of war on the basis of nationality and religion (clergy);
  • preservation of the scientific and cultural heritage of the repressed;
  • revealing the tragic fates of the Kazakh intelligentsia;
  • collecting memories of camp inmates;
  • study of Karlag’s press;
  • publication of works on the theme of Karlag.
    Within the framework of the project 40 scientific and creative works were published in Kazakh, Russian, English (including in electronic format). Some editions of the project have been translated into other languages of the world, including Romanian, Ukrainian, Japanese and Turkish. Films are shot and support is provided to the relatives and friends of the repressed to preserve the historical memory of their family – the search for documentary materials and witness testimonies. You can find detailed information about the project “Karlag: Memory for the Future” by clicking here:

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