Happy Victory Day!

Warmly congratulate you with Victory Day!

May 9 – the main, sacred date in the life of each of us. It is the day of immense joy and pride of our people for the feat of a glorious generation of real heroes, who did not spare their lives defending their country and liberating Europe from fascism. We will always keep in our hearts the memory of their courage, fidelity to duty and love for their homeland.

For 75 years we have lived under a peaceful sky, building cities, raising crops and raising children. Decades pass, generations change, but the memory of the Great Victory of our people remains in our hearts. We bow our heads with deep respect to those who fought on the battlefields of this most bloody of wars, who toiled in the rear and forged the weapon of Victory!

Memories of our veterans are priceless grains of “trench truth”, where every word is the best educator of the younger generation. Today it is our duty to remember this and keep the peace!

May this glorious day give you strength and vigor for constructive work for the benefit of our Kazakhstan! May there always be a peaceful sky above us! Happy Holidays!

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