Curatorial hour on the theme – “Independent and prosperous Kazakhstan – our present and future”

On December 15, 2022, a curatorial hour on the theme “Independent and prosperous Kazakhstan- our present and future” was held in the assembly hall of the Bolashak Academy. The teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Arystanbekova A.M. held a curatorial hour.

Message of the curatorial hour topic:

– Today our class hour is dedicated to the national holiday “Independence Day of Kazakhstan”

-The State Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the main state holiday, which is celebrated annually on December 16. December 16, 1991 – President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev signed the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On State Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Our country has been an independent state for 31 years.

  • What does an independent state mean? (associations)


•the fullness of power in its territory;

•independent determination and implementation of domestic and foreign policy;

Kazakhstan, having embarked on a new path of development, has realized the age-old dreams of the people about freedom. For the first time, the people have regained the opportunity to develop their culture, language, faith, religion and traditions. Today, every citizen of the republic is proud of his independence. The independence of our country is the most sacred acquisition of the Kazakh people.

The current independent Kazakhstan did not appear suddenly and not from scratch: the road to independence was difficult and complicated. The dream of many generations of people about a free state has finally come true. It took our ancestors many centuries to settle, master, protect it from enemies and pass it on to us, who are now living. How much work, blood, joy and suffering fell to the lot of past generations.

A quiz (group work) was held to find out which group knows the customs and customs of its people better.

Group 1:

  1. Permanent housing of Kazakhs (yurt)
  2. One of the domestic animals bred by nomads (camel)
  3. Pictorial graphic or sculptural decoration from a combination of geometric, plant or animal elements (ornament)
  4. Feast, celebration, feast (toy)

5 A bird that replaces not only a dog on the hunt, but also a gun (golden eagle)

Group 2:

  1. A small, patterned hat, fitting the crown (skullcap)
  2. Song and poetry contest (aitys)
  3. Summer pastures for cattle (jailau)
  4. The name of the holiday on the day of the vernal equinox (Nauryz)

5 Competition, long-distance horse racing on specially selected horses (baiga)

Group 3:

1 The most important means of long-distance transportation in the era of tribal unions (horse)

  1. The main occupation of the tribes that inhabited Kazakhstan (cattle breeding)
  2. Wedding headdress of the Kazakh bride (saukele)
  3. What is the name of the upper vaulted part of the yurt? (shanyrak)
  4. Pieces of sour dough fried in oil (bauyrsaki)

– Kazakhstan has embarked on a new path of development, has realized the age-old dreams of the people about freedom. You, the younger generation, are the future of Kazakhstan. You need to build and protect it, strengthen peace and friendship between peoples. We must preserve peace in an ancient and beautiful land – this is the most important condition for prosperity. Every person living on the planet feels a sense of pride for his people, for his country, his land and history. And today we need to remember the past, to know the present in order to build the future.

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