Conference on pedagogical practice

On February 05, 2020, the final conference on pedagogical practice was held at Bolashaq Academy among the students of PiMNO-18-2 group. It was attended by students of PiMNO-18-2 group, PiMNO-19-2k, K-18-1, methodologist on practice Zh.M. Konysbaeva and head of practice K.A. Sarbasova.

An important factor in improving the professional skills of students, improving their theoretical and practical level is pedagogical practice.

According to the plan of practice of the department “Pre-school and Primary Education” from January 13 to January 24, 2020, second year students were practiced in 101 school-lyceum of Karaganda.

A.K. Sarbasova held the final conference of practice, where the students presented the report on the work done, demonstrated the prepared presentations.  During the practice, open class hours and projects were held. Most of the students expressed desire to become a teacher, they were very interested in working with students as a class teacher.

During the conference, the students shared their opinions and gave recommendations for the internship. Attending 1st year students asked interesting questions.

In conclusion, the students’ reporting documentation was checked and evaluated.

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