Bolashaq Academy is the best!

The administration and staff of general education school №134 of the October district of Karaganda expresses gratitude to Maira Balievna Shashchanova, candidate of technical sciences, professor of the Academy “Bolashaq” for active participation and assistance in the Information Literacy Week.


On February 1-6, 2021, under the guidance of computer science teacher Valeeva L. M., A week on the development of Information Literacy “Digital World” was held in the center of grades 5-9, organized by the Center for educational and methodological development of the Department of education of Karaganda region in the KSU “Basic Secondary School No. 134”, located in the Kokbek post of Oktyabrsky District of Karaganda region.

General goal:” generalization and systematization of knowledge in Computer Science, development of students ‘ informal communication skills in the preparation and holding of the week of information literacy using game methods “on February 3, 2021, an online meeting was held with Professor of the Bolashaq Academy, candidate of technical sciences Maira Balievna Shashchanova.

During the meeting, Maira Balievna gave a lot of interesting information about the internet. On behalf of the administration and the staff of the Basic Secondary School No. 134, we express our gratitude to the staff of the Bolashaq Academy and Maira Balievna for creative success and hope that such meetings will continue in the future.

Deputy of the Educational Department of KSU “Basic Secondary School No. 134”
Saltanat Taizhanova

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