Another issue of the student newspaper LiMoNaD

December 2020
Dear friends!

We would like to present you the final 2020 issue of the student newspaper LiMoNaD.

In this issue we sum up the results of a difficult year for the whole world.

On March 16, a state of emergency was imposed in the Republic of Kazakhstan and education was switched over to a distance mode. Yes, there were difficulties, but together we managed to overcome them. New servers, additional equipment and software were purchased and all measures were taken to ensure uninterrupted learning process. Our graduates defended their diplomas and dissertations and passed state exams in a distance learning environment. We have participated online in conferences, competitions, won prizes and received awards. The information culture of all of us has increased manifold, because it was necessary to adapt to the realities of time. And #Myvmeste #BizBirgemiz have stood our ground and continued on our way. These two hashtags were key in this difficult period for every Kazakh and us Bolashakawis.

Our issue tells about these and other events.

Enjoy reading it!

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