Conference will be held in the following sections:

Economics and management: problems of sustainable growth and development (economics, finance, accounting and audit, management, public and local governance, standardization, certification and quality management of goods and services, marketing, tourism).

2 Precise science, technology and technology at the present stage (physics, mathematics, computer science, technology, mechanics, energy, construction, architecture, infrastructure, transport, communications, technical design)

3. society and the individual (pedagogy, psychology, sociology, law (jurisprudence), military science and national security, political science and international relations, religion, demography and ethnography, history and archaeology, philosophy)

4. Green world (ecology, biology, veterinary medicine, agriculture and forestry, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, medicine, sports, health, environmental management, geology, geography)

5. Language, culture and contemporary global challenges (philology and linguistics, journalism and social media, culturology, urbanism, art history, art design)

The conference proceedings will be published in a collection of scientific papers and posted on the website of the Regional Academy of Management: The collection has ISBN, BBK, UDC and all necessary details. It is not planned to publish a printed version of the proceedings.

Participation by correspondence means: – Publication of your article in the Proceedings of the Conference (the form of participation in the Proceedings of the Conference is not mentioned); – Guaranteed receipt of the Proceedings of the Conference (the Proceedings in electronic form in *.pdf format can be freely downloaded from our website: – All interested persons will be sent the original name certificate of the participant of the international conference in English and Russian with the signature and seal (for a fee) by registered mail to the address specified by you).

In order to be included in the conference program it is necessary to provide the following materials of the participant in electronic form to the organizing committee by e-mail: or – Article for publication; – completed registration form of the participant and all co-authors (if any); – scanned copy of the receipt of payment of the organizational fee.

Materials for publication in the collection are accepted until December 27, 2019.

The information letter is attached:



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