On Academic Mobility

What is academic mobility?
“Academic mobility” is the movement of students or academic researchers to study or conduct research for a specific academic period (semester or academic year) in another higher education and/or postgraduate organization (domestically or abroad) with mandatory reoffset of academic programs, disciplines in the form of academic credits in their higher education and/or postgraduate organization or to continue their studies in another higher education and/or postgraduate organization;
External academic mobility is training of students in foreign universities, as well as the work of teachers-researchers in foreign educational or scientific institutions.
Internal (intra-Kazakhstan) academic mobility is the movement of students, teachers-researchers or research for a certain academic period: a semester, or academic year in another higher education institution of Kazakhstan with the mandatory reoffset of mastered educational programs in the form of loans in their university or for the continuation of studies in another university.
The main purpose of academic mobility is to ensure the quality of Kazakhstan’s higher education in accordance with international standards, increasing its competitiveness.
Participation in mobility programs provides students with a number of promising opportunities and advantages:
To gain invaluable international experience in scientific and educational sphere;
To increase their competitiveness;
Gain new knowledge and practical skills;
Expand your horizons;
Gain useful language practice;
Increase the circle of friends and networking;
Get to know a new culture and country;
Requirements for candidates:
To participate in international credit mobility, knowledge of a foreign language is required at the level envisaged by the host educational organization.
The lists of candidates for participation in the academic mobility program are made on the basis of the competitive selection from among the students, masters and doctoral candidates of the Academy upon submission of the chairs after the discussion at the meetings. The submitted lists are agreed upon by the UMU with the Vice-Rector for Academic-Methodical Work.
The main criteria of the competitive selection are: completion of one academic period, progress in “A”, “A-“, “B+”, “B-“, “C+”. The selection is based on the evaluation system of candidates for the academic mobility programme.
2nd and 3rd year students may participate in the academic mobility programme. As an exception, 1st year students in the 2nd semester and 4th year students in the 7th semester and 5th year students in the 9th semester can participate.
The list of necessary documents:

  1. Application for participation in the competition for study abroad in the framework of academic mobility (on form);
  2. Recommendation letters;
  3. individual study plan;
  4. Copy of the transcript;
  5. Medical certificate (for traveling abroad № 082);
  6. Photo 3*4 – 2 pcs;
  7. A copy of a certificate or passport;
  8. Copy of official invitation of foreign university;
  9. Written consent of parents (guardians, legal representatives) of the applicant to be sent to study abroad within the framework of academic mobility for the period of more than two months (persons under 18 years of age);
    Agreement signed between the applicant, receiving and sending institutions of higher education; 9.

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