Department “Finance”

Department of “Finance” in the Academy “Bolashaq” provides training for bachelors on the academic program 6B04101 – “Finance”, and master’s degree – 7M04101 “Finance” in Kazakh and Russian languages of study.

Bachelors are trained on credit technology on the basis of general, secondary vocational education and higher education. Graduates of the Department upon completion of training receive an academic degree “Bachelor of Business and Management” on the academic program 6B04101 “Finance”, “Master of Business and Management” on the academic program 7M04101 “Finance” (profile), “Master of Economic Sciences on the academic program 7M04101 “Finance” (scientific and pedagogical direction).

Having received theoretical and practical knowledge, graduates of this specialty carry out managerial, entrepreneurial, commercial activity at enterprises of all forms of ownership and spheres of activity, financial bodies and insurance, banking organizations, securities market. Bachelors in finance are engaged in management and organization of finance, carrying out of monetary and fiscal policy on micro- and macro levels. Bachelors of the given profile should carry out the analysis of financial condition of the company, promote increase in incomes, minimization of expenses and risks, satisfy requirements of the market in granting of qualitative financial services.

The objects of professional activity of graduates are state bodies of republican and territorial level: Ministry of Finance of RK, Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning of RK, National Bank of RK, economic services of Ministries and departments, banks, insurance, pension, mortgage and leasing companies, pawnshops, credit partnerships, stock exchanges, budget institutions and organizations, investment funds, economic entities of different legal forms, as well as research organizations, academic and research organizations.

Training of masters at the department on the educational program 7M04101 – “Finance” is carried out since 2016. Currently, vocational training is carried out in 2 areas:

– Scientific and pedagogical direction, code number of specialty 7M04101 “Business and management” with a term of study – 2 years, the qualification of Master of Economic Sciences in the educational program 7M04101 “Finance”;

– profile direction, cipher of specialty 7M04101 “Business and Management” with the term of study – 1 year, qualification Master of Business and Management in the educational program 7M04101 “Finance”.

Training sessions are conducted by the teaching staff of the Department, consisting of teachers with scientific and academic degrees. At the department there are 6 stabilized faculty, 5 masters of economic sciences. The head of the department is candidate of economic sciences, professor Daribekova Aigul Sagatbekovna.

Teachers of the department “Finance” take an active part in international, national, regional scientific and scientific-practical conferences, carrying out publications in collections of conference materials, scientific journals, educational and teaching aids, having practical importance and contributing to the organization of the educational process. Head of the Department Daribekova A.S. is included in the editorial board of the International Scientific and Practical Conference of the Institute of Management of Classical Private University (Zaporozhye).

The HR policy of the department is aimed at continuous professional development of the PPS. Every year the teachers undergo the planned advanced training, including at the international level.

The main factor in the training of professional specialists is the availability of material and technical base and information resources. Department of “Finance” trains students on the educational program “Finance” in the main building, where there are specialized classrooms with a program 1C-accountancy and projectors.

For students there are created favorable conditions for realization of creative potential, which are expressed in preparation and publication of scientific articles, reports, essays, business and role-playing games on cycles of basic and profiling disciplines. In particular, the chair “Finance” organized a round table on November 9, 2018 on the theme “National currency: history and modernity”, where the invited guests were representatives of the financial sphere.

During several years the group “Karzhyger” has been working at the chair of “Finance”, where students get professional skills, knowledge and practical experience necessary for future labor activity. The peculiarity of the circle’s work is the coordination and interrelation of research work carried out by students in various forms, both in the framework of the educational process and in extra-curricular time. So, for example, participants of the circle with the purpose of increase of the educational and scientific level of education Spatayev Eldar, Beisembayeva Kausar (group F-15-2) under the direction of the senior teacher of chair “Finance” P.N. Buzaubayeva participated in the Republican subject Olympiad on disciplines “Economic theory”, “Microeconomics” which was carried out on the basis of the Narkhoz University.

Our students are the pride of our department. They not only study on “excellent”, but also actively participate in scientific conferences, various competitions take part in sports, cultural and public life of the Academy.

At the beginning of 2018-2019 academic year students of the 4th year of specialty took part in the competition “The best group” and were awarded with letters of thanks for active participation. The students of the specialty “Finance” demonstrate their skills outside the Academy. September 15, 2018 second year student of the group F-17-2 Mukhatai Aybar took part in one of the significant events for the region, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Shet district, as well as the 200th anniversary of the birth of the famous poet Zar Shortanbai Kanayuly. Under celebrating of two significant dates, the student participated in national struggle “kazaksha kures” in weight to 60 kg and took the 1st prize place.

The student of group F-18-1 Kisina Zarema was awarded by the diploma for the third prize-winning place in creative annual competition of Academy – “Debut-2018” which is spent with a view of support of talented youth, and also creation of conditions for self-realization of students in the field of art.

Students of a speciality “Finance” and in actions spent by Association of businessmen of the Karaganda area actively participate. Thus, students of the group F-16-2, F-17-2 Abuev Timur and Absagit Zhanibek successfully defended their projects as a part of the team from the Academy “Bolashaq” in the framework of the Republican scientific-practical conference “”. and held master-classes from the leading world and Kazakhstan specialists in the field of teambuilding and IT-technologies among the teams participating in the hackaton.

Academic mobility is important for personal development, it fosters respect for diversity and provides opportunities for cultural enrichment. As part of academic mobility, our students have the opportunity to study for free at a foreign partner university, while paying only for travel expenses. So, for example, the student of group F-16-2 Kudaibergenova Dana got an opportunity from September 2019 to January 2020 to study in Turkey under the student exchange program “Mevlana”.

Academic mobility in the Academy “Bolashaq” is carried out taking into account the provisions of the Bologna Process. In 2018-2019 academic year in the 2nd semester to pass the academic mobility program came to us: one second-year student of the Zhezkazgan University named after O.A. Baikonurov (ZhezU), as well as to study the discipline “Practical aspects of financial accounting in the enterprise” in Kazakh 20 students of Karaganda Polytechnic University groups GIK-16-1, and GIK-16-2. The main purpose of mobility is to give the student the opportunity to get versatile education in the chosen direction of training, provide access to recognized centers of knowledge, expand the knowledge of the student in all educational areas.

So, the department “Finance” trains not only specialists in the financial profession, but also modern businessmen. Today the specialty of economist, accountant, financier is really undergoing significant changes under the influence of such powerful forces as globalization, development of information technologies and increased competition in the labor market. The role of financiers is undergoing a serious transformation: from employees responsible for the simple implementation of a business function, they will turn into business consultants who will make a major contribution to value creation. This is the future we are preparing all our students for.

“Mathematics and Geography are core subjects for students entering the Finance programme. For graduates of vocational training institutions entering related fields of study on a reduced form of education, a single national testing provides for the following subjects in the specialty “Finance”: general subject – Finance and credit, and the core discipline – Finance of organizations.

Persons entering the master’s degree programme take a comprehensive test consisting of a foreign language test, a test for the profile of a group of educational programmes and a test to determine their readiness to study. The main subject for studying in a magistracy with the term of 2 years is the discipline “Theory of Finance”, with the term of 1 year – “Financial Management (advanced course)”.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, a graduate of Bachelor E. Spatayev entered the magistracy and became the owner of an educational grant on OP 7M 04101 “Finance”.

In the same year, senior teacher P.N. Buzaubayeva P.N. entered the doctoral studies PHd for OP D074 “Finance, banking and insurance. The period of study from September 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022.

Daribekova Aigul Sagatbekovna

Position, degree, academic status.

Professor, Head of the Department of “Finance”, Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor


1. full-time higher education (1983-1988), USSR, Kazakh SSR, Karaganda State University, major 08.00.10 “Finance and credit”; Qualification – Economist (diploma No. 079465 from 24.06.1988);

2. Applicants (1996-1999), Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Narkhoz, major 08.00.00 “Finance, money circulation and credit”;

3. Academic degree – Candidate of Economic Sciences. Theme of dissertation “The system of income taxation: problems and prospects of development”. (diploma GK No. 0007388, dated 09.06.2000);

4. The academic rank – the senior lecturer, major “Economics” (certificate DTS No. 0005236, from 24.01.2003);

5. Academic titles: associate professor;

6. Achievements (awards, public activity).

– In 2010, she was awarded for the 3rd place in the nomination ‘Best university lecturer’.

– In 2011, she received the Honorary Diploma by the 20th Literature of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

– 2016 – Honorary Diploma of Karaganda City Mayor for personal contribution to the socio-economic development of the city, active labor and social activities

– In 2018, she received a diploma from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “For personal contribution to development”.

– In 2018, she won the Pride of Science prize at Bolashaq Academy.

– In 2019 – the title of “Best Teacher” of the MES RK

Professional activity in the academy

Since 01.09.2005 – till the present time I have been working at “Bolashaq” Academy:

– from 01.09.2005 to 01.09.2007 – Associate Professor of the Chair “Economics and Finance”;

– from 01.09.2007 to the present time – Head of Department “Finances”; from 01.09.2007 to the present time – Head of Department “Economics and Finance”.

Contacts: Telephone (working, internal), e-mail, social networks.

Phone: 42-04-25 (ext. 200); E-mail:;