Round table dedicated to the 30th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan

14.12.21 at 12.00 there was a round table devoted to the 30 anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the theme “What is Independence”. The purpose: to develop tolerance and tolerance of youth. Students of 1-3 years actively took part in this event. Four essential questions were discussed:
1 What is Independence? How do you understand the term Independence?
2 What states in history fought for independence and how did they fight for independence?
3 What did independence give Kazakhstan? What achievements of our Independence can you name?
4 What is the peculiarity of Kazakh society? Teachers of Chair of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication: Balzhan Kairovna, Gulfarida Shamsulovna, Alexander Sergeevich, Roza Sabitovna and Altynai Bolatovna also contributed. Moderator of the event: Abdresheva Madina Kabbasovna.

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