On March 22, talented and gifted students of the Bolashaq Academy took part in the “House of Friendship” and the Central Park, organized by the Akimat of the region and the city. They congratulated residents and guests of the city on the holiday of Nauryz Meiramy and pleased with their performances.

A student of the In-21-2 group, Kuttimuratov Yerasyl, opened the curtain of our concert with his cheerful song. Our students danced the ”Kudasha” dance and received the applause of the audience. Hagazbay Ulzhan warmly greeted the audience on stage with the songs ”Mereke“, ”Nauryz-Koktem”.

We express our sincere gratitude to our talented students:🤍

K-20-1 Juragat Aimaral

Yu-21-1 Orazkenov Amirkhan

In-21-2 Kuttimuratov Yerasyl

In-22-2 Hagazbai Ulzhan

F-21-2 Kuandykova Balerke

In-21-2 Abil Aisha

Yu-21-1 Ybyray Nasip

Fm-21-2 Musilov Alikhan

Yu-21-2 Oralov Zhanas

PMNO-22-2 Oshakbayeva Dana

PiP-22-2 Suleyman Nurgul

PiP-22-2 Muratova Janelle

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