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On February 16, 2021 the rector of the Academy “Bolashaq” Professor Menlibayev Kuralbay Nesipbekovich was a speaker in a live broadcast organized by the Agency for Counteraction to Corruption of Karaganda region on the theme “Prevention of corruption and implementation of the project “Sanaly urpaq”.

The speech of the head of the university resonated with colleagues of the Academy “Bolashaq”.

M. Khamzin, professor of the Academy, doctor of philological Sciences:


The fight against corruption and its prevention is now an important task. We would like to note that the recent exchange of views with the rectors of a number of universities was held under the chairmanship of the first deputy head of the regional department Orazkhan A. O., who deals with this issue. It is necessary to fight corruption, but it is especially necessary to prevent it, we would like to express our thoughts on the proposals of the rector of the Bolashaq Academy, Professor K. N. Menlibayev.

It is true that young people are looking for an educational institution that pays less, and then they are looking for an educational institution that does not require much. Therefore, it is necessary to work together to prevent this process, even if it is not massive. “I don’t know,” he said, ” but I’m sure you’re right.” Turkey, which has been cooperating with us for several years, will not accept a student who has been expelled from a university on academic performance. There is an agreement between educational institutions. Unfortunately, this is not the case with us. This is also a thoughtful matter. As the speaker correctly noted, in our region, which ranks second after Almaty in terms of the number and potential of educational institutions, the Council of rectors of the region, which was previously abolished, would be re-established, and the most pressing issues (including Antikor) would be discussed. Currently, we send our teachers and students to educational institutions in other regions for academic mobility, and why not use educational institutions in our region with a huge scientific potential? After considering these proposals, it is logical to pay attention to this proposal of the rector. We train young people who are the future of our state, and if we organize things correctly, we will train not only qualified specialists, but also anti-corruption people.

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