Inauguration of the President of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”

On October 28, 2019, in the assembly hall of “Bolashaq” academy the inauguration ceremony of the President of “Bolashaq” Student Republic was held, as well as the oath ceremony of the Cabinet of Ministers to the students of “Bolashaq” academy.

Bolashaq Republic was founded in 2000. Its first President was Yerzhan Yegemberdiev, a student of the “Jurisprudence” major. The next President was Anna Borisovna Yarygina. During her presidency in the Karaganda Institute of Actual Education “Bolashak” began its work the school of Public Service, where students could improve their skills in the field of public service, legislation and law, were also formed two political parties “APEX” and “Liberal Democratic Party RB”.

In April 2019, regular elections to the post of President of the Republic “Bolashaq” were held. Three candidates were running for the post: Tokmyrza Aizharkin, Bigali Alibi, Magrupzhan Beksultan. Magrupzhan Beksultan won with the result of 61.2% victory in the elections.

On October 28, after taking the oath of office, the President of “Bolashaq” Republic took office.

Zhanabayev Daniyar took the post of the head of executive power and the post of the Prime Minister of Bolashaq Student Republic.

Bolashaq Academy wishes our students, who are the main driving force for the development and prosperity of our academy, fruitful work.

Minister’s Oath:

Considering the Minister’s position as an expression of special trust from the students’ youth society and administration of the Academy, realizing my high responsibility to the students of “Bolashaq” Academy, I solemnly swear to observe the Constitution of “Bolashaq” Student Republic and the Rules of Academic Integrity, to serve the students of “Bolashaq” Student Republic conscientiously and professionally.

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