Bolashaq Academy started a series of local history meetings

February 25, 2020, Youth Association 1%, Leon Battist Readers’ Club, Council of Young Scientists and Rukhaniyat Research Center started a cycle of regional studies meetings as part of the state program ‘Rukhani Zhangyru’.

The first meeting was held with Sergey Kistanov, director of Karaganda Regional Tourist Club in the Gogol Karaganda Regional Universal Science Library.

In the course of the meeting the following issues were discussed: the use of tourism and local history as an effective means of learning the world around, the transfer to the modern generation of human life experience, the formation of value orientations, moral recovery and cultural development of society, areas of volunteerism.

Sergey Pavlovich has emphasized attention of participants of a meeting on concept “active tourism” which includes campaigns with application of the physical force and promotes acquisition of elementary knowledge and skills of overcoming of simple natural obstacles and positively influences process of education of useful qualities of the person: collectivity, physical perfection, ability of survival in the nature, knowledge of environment, etc.

Karaganda region has a lot of interesting landscape, geological, zoological, biological, historical places. Many of them are connected with interesting people and events, which can be seen during active campaigns. On the other hand, it is necessary to understand that travels require certain knowledge and skills, rules of conduct, documentation.

The tool for local history studies are excursions and active tourism. At the same time, participants in the hikes must be prepared for difficulties and overcoming obstacles. The nature of Central Kazakhstan allows hiking, biking, water and car tours, and thus, interesting routes are laid out.

Participants of the creative meeting received valuable recommendations on how to overcome dangers in tourist routes. The experience was passed from the older generation to the young.

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