The students of the Academy express immense gratitude for the time devoted by Olga Yevgenyevna and share their feedback on this meeting:

“Today, during the ‘History of Kazakhstan’ class, we were given the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with the history of the regional state archive. Olga Yevgenyevna Berkun shared the archive’s establishment history, alongside the history of Karaganda’s foundation.”

“Examples of archival documents and photographs were presented to us, making the demonstration more illustrative. We’d like to express our gratitude to Olga Yevgenyevna for the knowledge shared. She narrated many interesting stories from the state archive, including the primary tasks of the regional state archive, challenges in preserving information and documents, the history of the mountaineering school (unfortunately no longer in existence), the origins of traffic rules in Karaganda, in-house document management training, and many other intriguing facts. It’s worth noting that Olga Yevgenyevna thoroughly addressed all questions and elaborated on every aspect of the archive’s operations. Overall, the presentation about the regional state archive of Karaganda was highly informative, interesting, and well-organized. It sparked my desire to personally visit the archive and learn more about its activities. A big thank you to the teacher, Aliya Ukuzhanovna Ilyasova, for organizing the meeting, and to Olga Yevgenyevna for sharing such a valuable information source about our region.”

The student from the group dIN-23-1k Milana Khanova

“Today, I had the fortune to meet an incredible woman, truly one of a kind in our city. Olga Yevgenyevna Berkun provided us, students, with information from the archives of Karaganda during the History of Kazakhstan class.

She knows things that might never interest many.

She showcased photos of documents about the history of the formation of our Karaganda. She told a lot of fascinating stories, such as the creation of the first traffic rules in the early 1930s. She spoke about the architecture of the city’s initial homes and buildings. It deeply touched me and sparked even more interest, as I consider our city a cultural hub.

Karaganda hasn’t celebrated its centennial yet, but it’s already rich in history and incredibly fascinating. So fascinating that it ignites a desire to learn even more about it now.”

The student from group dPiP-23-1k Yuliya Rayskaya

“Grateful to the head of the State Archive of the Karaganda Region, Olga Yevgenyevna, for the fascinating meeting with us! Her clear presentation of the archive’s history and our city’s history broadened my understanding of the past. New details about the formation of the State Archive of the Karaganda Region, the city’s history, and stories of remarkable events painted an engrossing picture. Olga Yevgenyevna invoked deep gratitude in me for her efforts in preserving and conveying our historical heritage. Wholeheartedly thankful for the valuable knowledge and the wonderful event!”

With respect, student of group dPiP-23-1k, Madina Dzhunusova

“I want to express immense gratitude to Olga Yevgenyevna Berkun for the enlightening information about the State Archive of the Karaganda Region. Her presentation was highly engaging, offering captivating narratives about events, personalities, and crucial moments from our region’s history.

I also want to extend a big thank you to our teacher, Aliya Ukuzhanovna Ilyasova, for organizing this meeting.”

The student from the group dPMNO-23 1k Natalya Vasilevich

“Olga Yevgenyevna is a wonderful, friendly, and interesting personality.

It was truly interesting and enlightening to listen to Olga Yevgenyevna. I learned a lot of new things about our city, how our Karaganda was built, and what happened in our region. I’ve become very interested and would like to visit the Karaganda Archive Center in the future. We saw many rare, old photographs, and documents.

I have only positive impressions from the lecture. I want to thank Olga Yevgenyevna for the time she dedicated”.

Student from group dIN-23-1k, Marzhan Kaubay

“I would like to express gratitude to Olga Yevgenyevna Berkun, a representative of the Karaganda Archive, for the information provided. I was impressed by the lecture, as I belong to the younger generation and much was unknown to me. It was an interesting narrative about the history of the formation of the city of Karaganda. There was also information about the archive’s operations, how documents are preserved. In addition to the information, there were photographs presented, showing the beginnings of the construction of the city of Karaganda. I am very grateful to Olga Yevgenyevna for providing the opportunity to learn such important information.”

With respect, student from group dPMNO-23-1k, Tatiana Genkel

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