The Hour of Integrity: Tole Bi – Founder of Integrity and Justice

Students of “Bolashaq” Academy took part in the regular “The Hour of Integrity” conducted by the Agency on counteraction to corruption on the theme “Tole bi – the founder of honesty and justice” which is dedicated to instructive life and commandments, wisdom and personal qualities of great Tole bi, the thinker who made a great contribution to the oratory of the Kazakh people, who strengthened the unity of the country.

During the on-line video lesson the youth was introduced to the multitude of personal qualities that helped Tole bi reach such a high historical level.

The main of them: irreproachable loyalty to the ideals of the country, justice in power, and truth in all things.

Tole bi’s life principle: “A just judge has no relatives, an unjust judge has no conscience” is a high measure of honesty, integrity and justice. These qualities are an irreplaceable example for the current younger generation as well.

Tolebi’s instructive life journey is a spiritual beginning for youth and adults alike.

“If you have a never-ending argument in front of you, defend it by speaking
of justice,” Tole Bi asserted.

Every word he spoke was a golden treasure trove of morality of great educational value.

He urged not to forget shame, to avoid bad qualities, to be industrious: “The chief enemy of youth is laziness, the middle one is sleep, and the least one is disobedience.

The noble deeds and exalted character, the wisdom
and ingenuity of our ancestor Tolebi, his just decisions should be an example for every citizen who wishes to serve the country.

His wise words – humanity, breadth of soul, spirituality, patriotic spirit, preservation of unity of our great country.

Let us remind you that on a weekly basis the Agency conducts online “Quality Watch” based on the works and life stories of great personalities and young leaders of modern Kazakhstan,
in order to instill the principles of integrity and patriotism
and patriotism.

Link to the video lesson:

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