Practical lesson on “Criminal and Administrative Responsibility for Corrupt Practices in the Republic of Kazakhstan” in the discipline: “Fundamentals of Anti-Corruption Culture

On April 18, 2022 Zhumabekov Beibit Kayirzhanovich deputy head of special monitoring group of anti-corruption service of Karaganda region was invited, who conducted with the 1st year students practical lesson on theme: “Criminal and administrative responsibility for corrupt practices in the Republic of Kazakhstan” on discipline: “Basics of anti-corruption culture”.

Material on administrative and criminal responsibility for corruption offences and crimes was presented to the students. Examples of corruption offences were given, an explanatory talk on the activity of Call-center 1424 of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Counteracting Corruption (Anti-Corruption Service) was conducted, the goals and objectives of the “ADAL URPAQ” project were explained in detail, and the statistics of corruption offences in Karaganda region was given.

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