HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Prevention of drug addiction

On March 16, 2023, for the students of the Academy, a specialist of the Regional Center for Mental Health psychologist Kiryanova A.A. held a lecture on the topic “Prevention of drug addiction”. She told how drug addiction is formed quickly, especially when using modern synthetic drugs, what a devastating effect drugs have on the body, about the difficulty of treating drug addiction.

They talk about drugs a lot and often, everyone knows that addiction arises to them, that they kill the brain and the body as a whole. But more and more drug addicts are becoming in the country. The initial stages of drug addiction are quite easy, but it is this ease that allows you to get more and more bogged down in use.

There are many stages of addiction. Psychological is only the first stage on the way to degradation. It all starts with the fact that I really want to experience new emotions. Most often, nothing terrible happens the first time. The second, third, fourth doses – everything seems to be going fine. And withdrawal does not occur. Only now the soul is bad without taking the drug, depression appears. This condition is called psychological dependence. The patient is already planning where and how to get a dose. He is looking for a company of like–minded people who will understand him, bring him together with the right people – dealers. What happens then? First the dose grows, then light weed turns into heavy heroin…

Thus, the first stage of drug addiction develops into the second – physical. It’s already getting harder. The patient thinks only about where and how he can get the drug, depression increases.

If you do not start treatment, the third stage begins. Withdrawal syndrome is connected to psychological and physical dependence, in other words, withdrawal is the third stage of drug addiction. At this stage, control over your behavior completely disappears. A drug addict is ready for anything for a dose, promiscuity appears in sexual relations, and this often leads to sexually transmitted diseases. AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis are frequent companions of drug addicts. At this stage, an addict without using the drug can die from withdrawal. These are convulsions that twist the whole body, causing severe pain. Often, the heart does not withstand drug withdrawal, a stroke or heart attack may occur, an addict may die from pain shock. At this stage, there is a complete degradation of the personality. It is useless to say that he has harmed his family and loved ones. Only long-term treatment and isolation from the old environment are necessary.

How to recognize an addict at the first stage? If you notice that the behavior of a loved one has changed, he often tends to sleep, or vice versa, there are frequent emotional outbursts, there is a “glass” look – take a closer look, perhaps the reason is drug addiction!

Doctor Kuur S.G.

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