Under the article of the First President of RK Elbasy N.A. Nazarbayev “Bolashakka Bagdar: Ruhani Zhangyru” Doctor of Pedagogy, professor Zholdasbekova A.A., candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor Daniyarov T.A., candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor Sembiev K. Z. have jointly developed a training manual.

The purpose of the training manual “ACTUAL PROBLEMS IN MODERN PEDAGOGICAL” written in English is the formation of master’s students’ understanding of the state, current problems and prospects of modern pedagogy, as a result of which the ability to organize, manage, be able to solve conflict situations, negotiate in relations with society and the professional environment, to perfectly organize their work increases. Skills help to make theoretical and practical discoveries in scientific schools of a certain field of knowledge and in them.

Objectives of the discipline:

– theoretical explanation of actual problems of modern pedagogy;

– development of pedagogical thinking;

– teaching the analysis of specific pedagogical situations, trends in the development of pedagogical science and practice;

– development of professional competencies.

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