Abaygul Meshelova, a second-year student majoring in “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”, is currently studying under the academic mobility programme in the Republic of Turkey at Ataturk University in Erzurum.

Two months later, she shared her impressions of the learning process. The Turkish system of education, in her opinion, is very different from ours. First of all, she notes the maximum workload of students throughout the week. The learning process ends in the afternoon. Students have time to attend lectures and practical classes during the day and must work in the library and complete their homework. The academic group has 22 students and everybody tries to keep up with it. Together they attend classes in English, English literature, foreign language teaching methods, oral communication practice and English history. They read a lot of extra literature. Abigul notes the high level of teaching in all disciplines. Education in the specialty is conducted in English and Turkish languages. The results of the exams largely depend on the attendance of all classes. She is very fond of education in Turkey. She

promises to share her impressions of her studies at Ataturk University upon arrival home.

Tatyana Izyumova, Group Advisor

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