Chief Engineer

The activities of the administrative part are carried out on the basis of current and future planning, a combination of one-man management in addressing issues of service activities and collegiality in their discussion, personal responsibility of employees for the proper performance of their assigned duties and the individual orders of the Chief Engineer of the Academy “Bolashaq” and the Head of the Administrative part.

Chief Engineer:

-Heads all activities of the Administrative part, is personally responsible for the timely and qualitative performance of the tasks and functions assigned to the Administrative part;

-Performs within his competence the functions of management (planning, organization, motivation, control), makes decisions binding on all workers of the Administrative part;

-Distributes the functional duties and individual tasks between the employees of the Administrative part, establishes the degree of their responsibility, if necessary, makes proposals to the Rector of the Academy “Bolashaq” to change the job descriptions of the employees subordinated to him;

  • Makes suggestions to the Rector of the Academy “Bolashaq” on improving the work of the Administrative part, optimizing its structure and staffing level;

-Participates in the prospective and current planning of the Administrative part’s activities, as well as the preparation of orders, instructions and other documents relating to the tasks and functions assigned to the Administrative part;

-Takes the necessary measures to improve the professional training of the Administrative part staff;

-Participates in the selection and placement of personnel of the Administrative part, submits to the Rector of the Academy “Bolashaq” proposals on the promotion and imposition of disciplinary sanctions on the employees of the Administrative part, sending them for retraining and professional development;

-Improves the system of labor motivation of employees of the Administrative part;

-Control the performance of the subordinated employees of their job duties, compliance with labor discipline and activities of the Administrative part as a whole.

During the absence of the chief engineer, the duties are entrusted to the head of the housekeeping staff.

The Housekeeping Department carries out its activity in cooperation with other services and structural subdivisions of the Academy “Bolashaq” as well as with the outside organizations within its competence.

The main tasks of the Housekeeping Staff are:

Administrative and housekeeping support of Bolashaq Academy activities, as well as maintenance of buildings, premises, equipment (heating, water supply, ventilation, power grids, etc.)
Planning, organization and control of the current and major repairs, supply of furniture, household implements, means of mechanization of engineering and management labor, organization of transport support and security.
Organizational and methodical management and control of the activity of the structural subdivisions concerning the economic service, the rational use of the material and financial resources, the safety of the property of the Academy “Bolashaq”.
Preparation and submission to the management of information-analytical materials about the state and prospects of development of the economic maintenance of the Academy “Bolashaq” activity, development of proposals for the improvement of the AHF service.
Improvement and implementation of new methods of work organization, including on the basis of the use of modern information technologies.
Participation in the preparation and execution of management decisions of the management on the issues of administrative and economic support of the Academy “Bolashaq” activity.
Control within the limits of the competence for observance of a sanitary-epidemic mode, rules of fire-prevention safety, norms of safety engineering, timely acceptance of necessary measures at revealing of the facts of their violation.
Maintenance of the corresponding documentation provided by the current normative-legal acts, granting in due time the statistical and other information on activity of the administrative part.
Solving other problems in accordance with the objectives of the Academy “Bolashaq”.

Аmanzhol Talgat Maratuly

Chief Engineer

Address: 16, Yerubaeva str.

Phone 420425 (ext. 021, 028)

Work schedule: Monday-Friday, 08.30-17.30