Vocational guidance work with school leavers of Zhanaarka district

On April 23, 2021 in online mode on the platform Zoom was held career guidance work with school leavers of Zhanaarka district.

Career guidance work with schools of Zhanaarkinsky District of Karaganda region On April 23, 2021, on the ZOOM platform, the teaching staff of the Departments of OM “Bolashaq Academy”held an online meeting with graduates of schools of Zhanaarkinsky district for career guidance purposes. The meeting was attended by students and teachers of grades 10-11 of the S. Seifullin school in the district. The event was organized and conducted by the Executive Secretary of the admissions committee Abylbayeva B. A. The online meeting was attended by teachers of the Department of OP of the Academy PED.master of Science, senior lecturer K. A. Sarbasova., master of Biological Sciences K. S. Khashtai., senior lecturer Otynshieva G. K.

During the meeting, future graduates and schoolchildren were informed about the educational programs of the Academy, the procedure for submitting and accepting documents, the UNT, as well as the possibility of admission to the master’s program for school teachers and employees of secondary general education institutions. The graduates asked questions about the hostel, general tuition fees, benefits for tuition, educational grants, etc., and were interested in studying. In the future, remote career guidance work with all districts and cities of the region will continue.

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