Conference in E.A. Buketov Kar State University “Kazakhstan model of transformation: social and political context”

Department of Political Science and Sociology, Buketov Karaganda State University invites you to take part in the scientific competition and work of the XI international scientific-practical conference of students and undergraduates “Kazakhstan model of transformation: social and political context” dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The conference will be held December 7, 2019 at the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology of Buketov Karaganda State University.
The conference will be held in the following areas (sections):
Tendencies of socio-cultural changes in modern conditions (family, religion, education, gender, etc.).

  1. Political processes in the context of transformation of modern societies
  2. Modernization of public consciousness in the context of the program “Rukhani Zhangyru”.
    To conduct the scientific contest and participate in the conference it is necessary to submit to the Organizing Committee by November 15, 2019 the reports (articles) and applications in paper and electronic versions in 2 files (1 printed copy). The name of the files should be given to the author’s name and inscriptions “article” / “application”. (For example: Ivanov A.A._ articles; Ivanov A.A._ application). By the beginning of the conference it is planned to publish the collection.
    According to the results of the contest of scientific works, articles/reports will be selected for their presentation at the conference on December 7. The results of the competition will be sent to the participants by e-mail.
    The volume of the article will be no more than 6 and no less than 3 typewritten pages of A4 format. The text should be typed in MS Word editor, font – 14, Times New Roman (line spacing – 1, all fields – 2 cm, paragraph indent – 1). In the upper right part of the sheet – the name and initials of the author, below in 1 interval city, country. Below in brackets is the name, position of scientific adviser. Below, after 1 interval in the middle, the title of the paper in bold type. Below, after a space bar, the text of the paper from the paragraph indent. The list of literature is placed at the end of the text and is made in the order of works, references in the text are made in square brackets (see Annex 1). The 2nd file should contain an application for participation in the conference. The application for participation in the Conference should include: full name, city, country, place of study, section name, title of the paper, address, phone number, e-mail of the author, full name and e-mail of the scientific adviser (see Annex 2).
    The author and his supervisor are responsible for the content of the article. Materials submitted later or not meeting the requirements are not considered.
    The contribution of participants connected with release of the collection of materials of conference, makes: for students 2500 tenge, for masters 3500 tenge.
    Applications for participation and materials for publication please send to the address:
    100028, Karaganda, 1, Mukanov St., Building 8, Auditorium 313 (Department of Political Science and Sociology).
    Contact person: Eskozhin Yerkanat, The article is submitted electronically to
    Contact person: (87212) 77 03 73
    The information letter is attached:
    Information letter-conference_2019- Download

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